Classic FPS AVA Online returns to Steam this March

Developer and publisher Neowiz have confirmed this Gallant Weapons Alliance, Commonly known as Ava Online, will be Make her comeback On Steam soon. The release is set for March 31, and the classic free FPS date back to 2007. Although it is most popular in Korea, Ava Online She has a solid fan base in the West, too.

Back in 2018 Gallant Weapon Alliance Internet disconnected by former publisher En Masse Entertainment. Exact reason for AVA ‘Closure was not given, but it was likely a monetary decision En Masse Entertainment’s Collapse Less than two years later. But come March, lovers Ava Online Eventually he will be able to turn it on again.

back Ava Online

Although closed in the west, Ava Online She has continued to work in both Korea and Japan. But Neowiz is now ready to take the game back to the world stage. Project manager David Kim confirms that his team has heard requests AVABack Download and Clear.

back Ava Online It will bring to Steam six classic game modes: Annihilation, Demolition, Escort, AI Mission, Domination, and Escape. Likewise, you will again be able to side with any factions of the European Union or the National Salvation Front. Both sides will have three classes to choose from that affect how you interact with matches.

Ava Online Steam Gunfight Cinematic

Furthermore, Kim isn’t just planning to bring back the same old game fans who played last time. Neowiz took this opportunity to introduce new features and improvements it could require AVA To the next level. More news on these developments will follow later this spring.

As for Ava OnlineUpcoming Steam release, it’s already available on Steam Wishlist. If you are interested in a future AVAAdding it to your wish list is a great way to stay updated. You will be notified when it is released and any major updates posted from Neowiz itself.

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