Zombies may invade Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2

Call of Duty: The War Zone Players discover quite a few mysterious Easter eggs that might indicate the inclusion of zombies in Season Two. Although it’s unclear if Treyarch intends to spark the arrival of the zombie mode, the Easter eggs have led to speculation among fans. Some interesting hints include an experimental machine in the Verdansk Hospital map and unusual screen distortions on Rebirth Island. The second season has already been decided at least Three new maps And new basic weapons.

As spotted By Eurogamer, Twitter user Eric Maynard I found an experimental machine in the map of the Verdansk hospital. The said device displayed the following text: “ZAI / ACTIVATE_ZOMBIES.” Interestingly enough, this is the same machine that appeared in Black Cold WarZombie mode. at War zone, There is no way to interact with the device.

As Maynard noted, the machine only appeared on Warzone Rumble playlist. He wrote: “Judging by the incomplete text and the texts, they should not appear yet.” If Trillion had intended to provoke zombies into it Call of Duty: War ZoneThe fluke may have come too soon.

The Russian ship Vodianoy in CoD: Warzone

The mysterious machine becomes even more interesting when paired with a Reddit user 86Find it. In a recent blog, the user stated that he had entered the “office next to the headquarters.” [second] On the map of Rebirth Island you encounter an unusual popup with Russian sounds. English translation, as provided by the user Ice wolf, Mentioned “Russian ship Vodianoy” and “Verdansk shipping permit”.

Twitter user K Stage I managed to locate the ship on Ribirth Island. Maynard is confident that this ship is smuggling a biochemical weapon called the Nova 6. Once again, this same weapon appeared in Black operationsZombie Mode.

Treyarch has yet to confirm a zombie mode Call of Duty: War Zone. The developer has also not confirmed the release date of Season 2, but it is expected to be on its way soon. After all, release The first season I was CoD: WarzoneThe biggest update yet. Treyarch might be working on something bigger for the second season.

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