Unrestricted weapon, limited time modes and more

Epic Games has rolled out the Fortnite v15.40 update to all of its users. The new update brings a host of new content to the game including the return of the Flint Knock Pistol, the addition of Hunter Portals, new limited time modes and more. It also brings a number of bug fixes that were giving problems to gamers earlier. Here we’ll take a look at everything the new Fortnite v15.40 update brings and how you can get the update. Also read – Epic Games announces a $ 20 million prize pool for Fortnite tournaments in 2021

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How does the update work?

The update is really direct and can be downloaded via file Epic Games Store, PlayStation updater, Xbox updater, It is an electronic game launcher. When you open the game, it will automatically give you an update prompt, which you can click on. After clicking update, it will take you to the download screen to show you the process. After completion, the game will be installed on your device automatically. After that, the game will restart and run the new update. Also read – Kratos from God of War is now available at Fornite

Note, the update is available for everyone and can be downloaded. It is not rolled out in stages.

What brings Fortnite v15.40 update?

Epic games It has jumped on the fan-favorite Flint Knock pistol, and with the new update it is bringing it back. The pistol has been recalibrated and will not provide users with an unfair advantage as it used to earlier with excessive blast points. The update also adds two new Hunter portals, which will bring through two separate Hunters for Season 5.

With the update, two of the LTVs are back: Air Royale and Floor is Lava.

Other bug fixes include a fix for the total bars that appear as “0” during matches, the Purple XP Coins disappear when passed by, and the matchmaking process does not start if the player leaves the unreadable early. Fix for phone booths not respecting island settings when players change clothes and more.

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