I played the worst Call of Duty game in 2021 and it is well worth it

You know the old saying “They just don’t make them like they used to?” When it comes to Call of Duty, this really is the best. I remembered the “embarrassing gray / beige” years when I was curious about playing the “worst” Call of Duty ever and started looking for it. Extremely Detailed Wikipedia page. That’s when I was reminded that Call of Duty: Ghosts existed.

Call of Duty 2013 gave us a frivolous look 67% At that time it is currently ranked 68 on Metacritic. Eight years later, I wish I could say it gracefully as I age.

I played some Call of Duty Ghosts in 2013, but somehow completely forgot how ridiculous the start of the campaign was. For the first ten minutes, you control an astronaut who supervises a sub-orbital supernatural weapon as it is kidnapped by the bad guys. Then you start to float through the lanes and fire space guns! Miraculously, the bullets do not penetrate the station and reduce its pressure, and the bad guys can launch a “kinetic bombardment” on the California coast, causing huge earthquakes. It is basically the plot of the Geostorm before the Geostorm.

Ghosts of Cod

(Photo credit: Activision)

And then you get a dog. It’s true – the same thing Call of duty dog Funnier than that gif of any right. It might be the only thing out of Call of Duty Ghosts It deserves to be mentioned.

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