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More than two years after the release, lukewarm City building game Frostpunk is still sticking. Like the city you envision, the game goes ahead with constant updates and console releases. Although DLC support has officially ended, I suspect we won’t be hearing the latest Frostpunk for some time yet. She even got a board game adaptation!

Since the game is a little bigger than it was when we first looked at it, there’s no time like the present for a how-to guide. Frostpunk does a decent job telling you how to play but some of the finer points are easy to miss. For example, did you know that heavy snowfall is bad for your health? I know! It’s news for us, too. We have also heard that citizens seem to prefer warmth and food, and prefer not to be exploited within an inch of their lives. The more you know the more.

With that in mind, this guide is here to give you some cheerful little tips to help you on your way through Frostpunk’s frozen waste …

FROSTPUNK tips and tricks

Here are Frostpunk’s top tips to get you started:

  • Build posts
  • Keep homes warm
  • Look early and often for extra things
  • Building all research workshops
  • Work on alternative energy sources
  • Control fans’ expectations
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

Gathering posts is worth it

I’m sure I’m not the only one not to bother collecting entries for Frostpunk’s first few game shows. Why bother to spend the time and effort building this rough building with a limited radius when you can collect all the resources around you instantly and for free? How wrong am I …

Put it this way. At the beginning of the game, you will have a set of resources distributed over your generator. Let’s say in one place you have a pile of coal and one wood. You want them all because coal = life and wood = buildings = life. To maximize production, you’ll need to hire 45 valuable people on the job. If you are doing scenario one, that means more than half of the 80-person workforce is gone.

Now – let’s put the assembly prism. It only takes 10 people to collect everything in there, and they will work in warmer conditions and do so faster.

Consider the Gathering Post stats, with options to switch its dedicated workforce

Heating your home

It’s so good to have a post-apocalyptic health service for Finland, but prevention is better than cure. People in hospital are people who do not work in mines 24 hours. People who live in freezing conditions are more likely to contract the disease. Flooding your health systems due to frostbite injuries may be the difference between winter survival with a healthy population or a healthy cemetery.

It is often not worthwhile to warm up the premises, but heating homes is worth it. Your folks will likely spend more time there after all, and with careful placement, Steam Hubs can heat a very healthy amount of homes. Are you even using charcoal for fasting? Feel free to turn it off, as long as you keep your medical buildings running (it stops at a certain temperature threshold if it gets too cold).

The effects of this will be seen in terms of what did not happen. You will never be able to ensure everyone is healthy, but you will – hopefully – not face a quick medical emergency, and that’s what matters.

Another view of the frozen city.  The ovens blow heat into the air

Scouts early, scout more often

Put it this way, we love the free stuff. With a planned population deficit in the frozen north these days as a result of certain events that I will not spoil, there are many of them.

These free stuff will save you. Once you can send missions, do so. If you have time to hunt down the second hunt group then do that as well. There is no better investment you can make than having five men in sleds and looking for things. They will find food, resources, vehicles, and even an outpost or two.

The amount of things you can get along the way is ridiculous. The sooner you start doing this, the easier things will be. Also, if you’ve been wondering about outposts: Just get them. If you are building one in an old coal mine you can say goodbye to all of your coal-related worries, they are fine.

Speaking of searching …

A view of the workshop covered in snow and emitting smoke

Research workshops – the more the better

I never agree to a single workshop. I often have five at the end of the scenario. Let’s say directly that additional workshops only gradually improve the search.

You will be lucky to increase the 150% efficiency from the 100% base with just one workshop. However, that is enough for me. The benefits go beyond the increased search speed. It can often happen if you are in a lull where the weather is not yet bad and everything is going well, you end up with a large number of medical buildings that have nothing to do.

Engineers are precious – put them in these workshops and have them research when things start to go wrong again. If you need to open medical outposts – it won’t hurt to get engineers back into medical treatment again. You have limited manpower, use it well.

Another view of your city.  This time we're looking at a facility focused on power generation

Alternative Energy is good (also on Frostpunk)

It’s tempting to be conservative when gathering resources. After all, why would you change if things were going well? While public coal mines and the like do what they say on the tin, you’ll often find yourself wanting more – especially late in the games, it’s entirely possible for targets to demand a lot more resources than you need on your own.

This is where the set of alternatives comes in. Top of the list is a wall workout, if you can have one, build it. The lost steam core deserves the unlimited supply of wood.

Others could be more circumstantial. Do you have mounds of workforce that you have no idea what to do? Building a coal thumper. Two collection units next to it will ensure a ridiculous amount of charcoal is collected for you and ensure no idle hands to worry about. One thing I would caution against though is the charcoal oven. If you have a lot of wood – it’s cool, but has a habit of scattering all the wood while you’re distracted.

Look at the adaptation menu.  Many options are unlocked but few

Managing expectations

Talking about distractions: your people. While you are on the mission to rescue them, they will generally appear with demands that make your job even more difficult. My rule of thumb is to take these small requests as “reminders” of things you might want to pay attention to.

It’s scary to see the bar of discontent and hope rise, most of the time you’ll survive. Careful use of lawbooks will generally preserve these bars, as long as you don’t go into a full-blown dystopia and everyone works 24 hours and feasts on soup.

Make sure you keep going the paths of the fighting and fighting pit, they are actually worthwhile. Auxiliary paths for both religious and regular paths are very helpful as well. A spot of tactical fake news from the Propaganda Building proved helpful in saving more than one of my games.

A heating problem appeared on the screen.  The person describes how cool the houses are and there are three options to choose from.

Last but not least: the experience

For me, the greatest satisfaction in playing Frostpunk is that I am giving the same issue to me to fix it in whatever way I like it, while measuring how well I can be the number of people alive at the end of the session.

While there is a certain amount of rote learning for any game, Frostpunk really rewards finding new answers to old problems. The above tips are only a starting point for the types of tricks you can pull off in the game. It is most gratifying, in the end, that you discover it yourself. So go ahead – and try!

Frostpunk Downloadable Content

At the time of writing, Frostpunk has three primary expansions that include the initial Season Pass. At the moment, there are no known further expansion plans. For release, these are:

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