Valheim console commands and cheat

Want to know how to access Valheim console commands? If you want to become a powerful object on your server, or speed up the process when creating multiple structures, console commands can save you a lot of time. Whether you want to control wind strength and speed, raise every base point instantly, or kill all enemies near you, you can become unstoppable with console commands.

This console commands can be used with friends on a private server, as long as you are the host. Fighting Trolls is challenging no matter how far you advance in the game, but God Mode allows your party to avoid taking damage no matter how strong your enemies are. We’ve also included server commands for anyone running their own public servers in case you need to block any annoyances.

We get it, it might be tempting to blow up the boring parts of a Survival game. If you have read Valheim guide for beginners And you’re still not having fun, or you may have already defeated all five Heads of Valheim, It is time to break the cheat. Here’s everything you need to access Valhelm console commands.

Using console commands in Valheim

The console can be opened at any time within the game via Pressing F5 on the keyboard. By default, the only commands that run straight off the bat are the server commands. It is important to note that only the server host has access to the console. Guests cannot use any of these commands unless they are promoted to admin status.

You can find all server commands by typing ‘Help’ In the console. This should display a list of all the options available when it comes to kicking, banning, and unblocking players on your server.

Valheim cheats

To access the cheat commands in the console, you need to type “imacheaterIn the console. Typing “help” again into the console will display a longer list of commands, this time with each cheat command. Once you enable the cheat console commands, you will have to enter “imacheater” again to disable it.

Valheim console commands

  • The ban [name/ip/userID]
  • Prohibited
  • Help
  • informations
  • kick [name/ip/userID]
  • Lodbia [0-5]
  • unblock [name/ip/userID]
  • Beard
  • dpsdebug – dps debug print switch
  • Envy [env]
  • Event [name] – The start of the event
  • exploremap – Explore the entire map
  • ffsmooth – free smoothness
  • Freedom – freely place photos
  • Machine
  • go to the [x,z] Teleportation
  • Poetry
  • killall – Kill nearby enemies
  • listkeys
  • Location – the spawn site
  • Players [nr] – Hard scale strength (0 = reset)
  • Selling Points – Print the current player position
  • Skill raising [skill] [amount]
  • Random event
  • Drop removal – Remove all element drops in the area
  • Character Reset – Reset character data
  • Reset
  • Reset the keys [name]
  • Map Reset – Reset Explore Map
  • Re-skills [skill]
  • Re-wind
  • Save – the power to save the world
  • Setup or install button [name]
  • stopevent – stop the current event
  • Taming – Taming of all nearby creatures that can be tamed
  • tod -1 or [0-1]
  • Wind [angle] [intensity]

And that’s all there is to know about Valheim console commands. Whether you want to address Viking game With or without cheating, it’s worth a read Valheim Progress Handbook To help you through. We also have a guide on how to upgrade an Valheim table Fix broken tools.

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