How does it compare to Warriors games?

When the game is finally over Persona 5 Strikers It was in the planning stage, it was to be called Persona Muso. It is set to be another entry in the development of Omega Power Musou Series, which ended up getting spin-off franchises with games like Hyrule Warriors And the One Piece: Pirate Warriors. It is not difficult to imagine the type of game Character Edition will be. Players will likely choose A. Character The character then takes them through a series of hack-and-slash stages filled with hundreds of foes that stand without thinking.

If you are not completely clear about what Persona 5 Strikers It is, make sure it is Not a Musou Game. Not really, at least. Persona 5 Strikers Retains the distinguishing features that can be assigned to Musou The series, however, fans of the series will be able to choose right away. In order to break down exactly what customers can expect, I’ll just describe what this series has in common. And this, let’s be honest, isn’t actually much.

What is long and short than that Persona 5 Strikers The movement and the primary combat elements are clearly those of the Musou Toys. You have many characters at your disposal in 5 Stickers Persona, And the like Warriors OrochiYou can switch between four of them on the go. But all four characters have a presence in the fight regardless of whether you control them, so it’s more like Samurai Warriors 4 this way. But that’s only when you are in a fight.

Persona 5 Strikers Warriors 2

Not what I’m used to

Persona 5 Strikers Between the Real World and the Metaverse. Of course there is no work in the real world. When you enter the Metaverse, you control a character and explore a region. at Musou This will be one big map with enemies sprouting and waiting. The battle will also proceed without you. at AttackersThere are no enemy combat units on the map at all. Instead, there are patrol units that call for reinforcements and become combat units. For example, you will often see one enemy and you can start fighting with them, at which point the walls will appear and the area will be full of enemies.

While exploring, only the character you control appears on the field, but the other three appear as soon as you enter combat mode. However, characters still keep their full range of moves when in exploration mode. This is great if you just want to practice or analyze charging combinations while not fighting. The combat is a lot like a Musou Game. You have a basic attack chain of six or you can take advantage of one of five charging character attacks. The first is always the launch, just like in Musou Toys.

Persona 5 Strikers Warriors 3

During combat confrontations in 5 Stickers PersonaYou will fight against a group of enemies simultaneously with your comrades. These enemies not only stand up, but they will attack and frequently use their special skills. Musou Fans will instantly feel at home while storming the cottages, and there are bigger demons equating the officers. Characters keep Whoever Character Capabilities Despite this, including summoning their characters and using special moves or even weapons. Musou’s ability itself is called a Showtime attack here. You have a scale to fill in, and as soon as that happens, you press two buttons and execute a character. But filling in this place takes longer than it does in the Musou Game.

As for the game structure, it is not similar to a Musou The game at all. It has a lot in common with Persona 3-5, Albeit without any of the social elements or time management. It’s also a challenge in reality and not a reckless hack. There is no KO counter. So, if you are looking for a Musou The fix, you won’t find it here. It is also not a good idea to jump if you haven’t played Persona 5, As is the game Too much sequel till then.

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