XCOM 2 Tips: Our Guide to XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen

Looking for some XCOM 2 advice or a guide to XCOM 2: War of the Chosen? It got you covered! One of the reasons the XCOM franchise is so good is its tactical depth. Apart from the lofty production values, the Turn-based strategy game It combines an impressive array of capabilities and mechanics to create an interlocking system of highly refined goodness. It’s also a game that may seem simple after you understand it, but there are a lot of advanced tactics and strategies that the tutorials don’t cover.

This is just the base game too. The War of the Chosen expansion adds a whole host of gameplay changes. There are many completely unique systems for you to follow, along with new character classes, gear, tools, weapons, and enemies.

War of the Chosen expands the base game in every way, and with new content comes new tactics, and with new tactics, come to us. Below you’ll find tips for the core game, as well as a dedicated guide for the War of the Chosen expansion. Not sure the best way to use Mimic Beacons? Can’t decide which perks to take? Tired of losing all of your favorite team members? Read on.

Tips for XCOM 2 SQUAD

Mimic Beacons are very useful for attracting enemy forces, as they force every foreigner in the vicinity to attack them in front of your real agents. However, one of the secret features is that you can throw the beacon near an obstacle to make the projection hide to avoid enemy fire, which greatly extends the life of the lighthouse.

Bradford standing in front of the geoscape

The Phantom Perk feature allows the Rangers to initiate hidden missions even if the rest of the team doesn’t, which makes the world different in the Intel universe. Use your hidden guard as an explorer to anticipate space patrols, then ambush them by shooting them in the back.

Most levels contain highly destructive environments, allowing for a wide range of tactical options. You can destroy roofs to move drop zones, demolish walls to prevent enemy coverage, and level houses to create a faster path to your target. You are also able to deal direct damage through an environmental interaction, such as blasting the ground beneath the enemy. This causes fall damage as well as blast wounds, and works particularly well against turrets. Just remember: Foreigners can use the same tactic against you.

You can order your soldiers to follow a certain path to get to a place with control and left click, which sets waypoints for them to follow. This is especially useful for avoiding observation bows during engagements and enemy fields of sight / window breach when concealed.

Abandoned soldiers can usually be rescued. When an XCOM agent is not extracted for any reason, they are captured by the Advent forces and taken into custody. There is a possibility that they will not be killed and can be rescued at times, which takes the form of a VIP rescue mission.

If you complete a task before the timer expires on dropped items, it will capture it automatically. This also works out for the unfortunate event where a soldier dies and you need to restore their equipment.

The teamwork bonus from linked teammates is more beneficial than simply providing extra shots to eliminate enemies. It allows one member to rush forward and explore, but still enter Overwatch, hunker down, or do nothing else if a hostile patrol is found.

A double whammy bonus from bonded squad mates causes the teammate to fire his primary weapon, regardless of restrictions, as long as they both have ammo. This means that snipers can fire their sniper rifle even when they have already used it.

XCOM 2 Enemy tips

If a snake catches one of your clients in choke and you are not confident in your ability to shoot before the turn ends, you can throw a grenade at it. Carefully guided explosives can hit snakes without harming your soldier, allowing you to directly damage or kill the reptile and free your soldier unscathed with one move.

Typically the enemy calls reinforcements once the main objective is complete, and the timer is often as small as one turn. Use this to anticipate enemy deployments and establish evacuation zones, if you get the chance.

All effects of the psyche can be neutralized by killing the enemies it originated from or by hitting them with Flash Bang. This includes Sectoid ‘Mind Control’, Chosen’s Daze, and all of the priest’s offensive abilities. Oddly enough, it also worked with Specters’ “Shadowbound”, even though they are not Psychic Units.

XCOM 2 Al Qaeda Guide

While building a room can take days, its upgrade is immediate.

Adjacent bonuses are less obvious than on previous XCOM, but still matter; Construction rooms near the workshop allow them to be equipped with small Gremlin robots, freeing valuable engineers for other tasks. However, the biggest efficiency factor this time around is its location; Besides the power cores that must be returned to the working system, placing power generators in the basement gives them a bonus for generating power.

The Guerrilla Tactics School and Advanced Warfare Center should be built as quickly as possible since they are the least advanced advice and the most basic strategy. GTS allows you to send more units, level them faster, and get more items for each mission, among many other useful perks. AWC allows your soldiers to gain one extra ability outside of their class, and while you can retrain high-ranking soldiers to unlock them, building the center early reduces the amount of time soldiers are out of service to retrain their skills.

War of selected tips

The largest DLC for XCOM 2 It expands the base game in every way, and with new content comes new tactics, and with new tactics comes a new guide that walks you through the basics. Because the expansion is radically changing how the game can drive, on both the tactical and strategic layers, we’ve put together a section dedicated to specific advice for War of the Chosen. Enjoy!

XCOM 2: Handbook of Chosen Soldiers’ War

Rotate your soldiers to avoid combat fatigue. Don’t argue, just do it.

Skirmishing Hooks is a special ability that costs nothing; They can move using the grappling hook and hold both their actions.

  • The grappling hook integrated into the “Spider” and “Wraith” armor also works in the same way.

Reaper’s Shadow Mode ability hides the Harvester, but increases the chance of spotting with each additional weapon. When you start with a zero chance to detect, killing a target in the first shot keeps the chance of detection at 0%.

  • Hitting the target only increases the Reaper detection radius from one tile to half the screen.

The Knights Templar never miss a melee attack, and granting them Blade Storm Ability from the Templar Ranger through the Training Center allows them to clean up entire waves of wastes on their own.

Together, soldiers assigned to covert operations will see the strength of their bonds, just like agents on regular tactical missions. Covert actions are a great way to increase the cohesion between two members of a low-ranked team, which is too dangerous to go on the field.

The teamwork bonus from linked teammates is more beneficial than simply providing extra shots to eliminate enemies. It allows one member to rush forward and explore, but still enter Overwatch, hunker down, or do nothing else if a hostile patrol is found.

A double whammy bonus from his bonded squad mates causes the teammate to fire his primary weapon, regardless of restrictions, as long as they both have ammo. This means that shooters can shoot the enemy with their sniper rifle even if they use the rifle that is already spinning.

The AP is gained by soldiers who perform tactical maneuvers during combat, such as shooting at targets from high positions, dropping a side shot, ambushing the enemy from cover, or killing the enemy with the help of teammates. The higher a soldier’s combat intelligence, the higher his chance of obtaining AP for those maneuvers.

Al Qaeda war tips selected

Vanilla XCOM 2 Advanced Warfare Center (AWS) replaced with Hospital and Training Center. Build the dispensary first.

  • The Hypervital module upgrade in the infirmary is less helpful than it appears; Elerium Core uses one to instantly (and temporarily) return the soldier to full combat status, but that only lasts one mission before the effects settle down again. Even worse, each soldier can only use the Hypervital console once in the entire game.

Supplies are more common to expand, so feel free to be more adventurous in how you spend them.

The resistance loop needs to be built quickly, as it allows you to send out more resistance orders that give you multiple negative rewards every month.

Handbook of War of Selected Enemies

If one of your comrades is stunned by a chosen one, you can kill or dismiss him before resurrecting the soldier, rather than rushing to his aid. The best defense is a good attack.

ADVENT purifiers have a chance to explode on death, as flamethrower tanks may rupture due to incoming damage. The blast radius is slightly smaller than a standard fragment grenade and harms friend and foe alike, so use it to your advantage and keep your distance. No melee attacks!

  • These fiery deaths can attract the wasted, like any other blast in the game.

The Shadowbound ability of ADVENT Specters behaves similarly to mind control, but you can destroy the backup without harming subconscious soldiers. In fact, you can even revive the soldier while the backup is in the field, without any negative effects.

Professional priests can protect themselves in stagnation when they are close to death, preventing any potential harm. Try to have at least one unit with free actions after the “kill” blow, in a slump.

  • Priests obey the same rules for any other Psionic object in the game, so killing them is often the best way to free your soldiers from negative impacts or get rid of any ADVENT reinforcements.
  • Oddly enough, the same applies to Specters, even though they are not Psionic units. Killing them destroys the rear version of their Shadowbound ability and revives the unconscious XCOM Soldier.
  • Priests and ghosts tend to strike and run, keeping your squad in disarray while in hiding. Catch them with high action troops like Rangers or shoot them as sniper asap.

XCOM 2 Missing Tips and Tricks

Be aggressive – unlike the game’s standard rules of engagement, getting close to Lost often brings more rewards than risks. Keep calm and maximize your chance of systematically snatching it, weakest first.

Avoid using explosives, as loud noise attracts lost swarms. Squadrons tend to appear near the source of noise, so you can cause an explosion over the ADVENT forces to try to drown them in the infantry.

Lost are anti-humans and aliens alike, so use them to your advantage when fighting ADVENT forces.

  • If your soldiers are not hidden, Losts have a 70% chance of attacking XCOM soldiers versus 30% of attacking space targets.
  • The Lost will often target the closest enemies, so keep aliens between you and the Swarm.
  • Lost always takes its turn after the Alien Activity stage, so it can be used to launch the Overwatch running game and the overall breakdown of ADVENT strategy, giving you more room to breathe when dealing with everyone involved.

While explosives can attract the missing, they are not worth fighting without. The tide comes sooner or later, and explosives can be the difference between the life or death of your team.

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Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to mastering one of the best tactics games ever. Don’t forget to check our complete The XCOM 2 DLC HandbookPlus our guide to Categories of XCOM 2. Just don’t blame us when your favorite bombshell is beaten to death by raging lamb.

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