Drop rates are set to increase in World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Raid Content

Blizzard He worked hard to keep everything in balance World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, And the expansion soon reaches the next mark of progress in corrections. With Patch 9.0.5 on the way, Blizzard It performs a lot of adjustments.

One of the Experiences Problems with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands It was an issue of scarcity of loot. Players are getting frustrated with completing endgame content only to be left empty-handed, with loot rates dropping terribly.

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We recently discussed Blizzard’s intent to fix the issue as far as Mythic + goes by implementing the Valor Point System again. Through this system, players will always gain the courage that allows them to purchase and upgrade items with a guarantee.

But this does nothing for the sake of Raids Like Castle Nathria, where such a system remains unspoken. It appears that the developers have no plans to do something like this for this or future raid levels, but that doesn’t mean they are turning a blind eye to it.

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Instead, Blizzard boosts the chances of dropping items – which is a huge plus, too. Blizzard will increase the chance of dropping for all items except weapon tokens by 33%, and is effective on all bosses.

The chances of dropping the weapon also increase, but Blizzard did not state the exact number for the Players Expect. It is not known why tokens are not granted the same 33% increase that other elements suffer.

Blizzard wrote in her advertisement: “Ten-player raids should now see 2 items of gear, and 20-player raids should now see 4 gear items from each boss.” “These modifications will not affect other loot that falls into Nathria Castle, nor will there be any effect of a fall from the raid encounters outside of Nathria Castle.”

There will be no effect in relation to the myths, with the increased chance of falls affecting only Nathria Castle. These changes also activate all difficulty, from Raid Finder to Legendary.

These updates will also be active very soon, as they will come on February 16th with the weekly reset on Tuesday instead of having players wait for update 9.0.5 release.

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It is not known if these changes will continue to the next raid layers to be launched from 9.1 onwards, or whether they will revert the loot to how it was active in Shadowlands. Blizzard is likely to provide some comments to address the situation at BlizzConline, as many are expecting there will be news of Patch 9.1 and the future of Shadowlands.

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