Intel is responding to rumors of the Alder Lake CPU clock increase

When a new CPU batch is prepared for release, there are bound to be many rumors and leaks. And with the advent of the Intel Alder Lake processor this year, we’re getting started See the rumors Abounds. From pricing to basic specs, there’s a great deal of speculation surrounding the CPU, but nothing comes close to what an obvious leak has suggested. According to a standard issued by usually trusted Geekbench, Intel Alder Lake reaches a maximum frequency of 27.2 GHz.

Yes, you read this right: 27.2 GHz.

After seeing the mega-boost hour, it was surprising seeing more than a few people who believed that the modern consumer segment can safely reach those speeds. Because of that, PC Invasion reached Intel directly about the leaked standard. In a short but sweet response, one delegate simply mentioned “no truth” at 27.2GHz.

Intel Alder Lake has leaked the 27GHz standard

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For most people, common sense prevails when seeing leaked information. Immediately, it seems the simplest reason for a number is to put a decimal point in the wrong place. Instead of reading 27.2GHz, the data will likely read 2.72GHz, which makes more sense considering the base frequency of 2.19GHz.

Another thing to look at, is that with a base clock of only 2.19GHz, we’d probably see a very low-end Core i3. Until then, 10th Gen Core i3 chips You have a boost hour Not less than 3.50GHz. Another thing to consider when looking at the benchmark is the 1MHz speed of the 32GB RAM in use. If the CPU were to reach an inaudible frequency of 27.2, then the RAM in use would likely have a higher speed even if DDR5 was not released.

The truth is, not many specific details are known about Alder Lake’s CPU power. What is known now is that the new lineup will feature a new socket type, use motherboards for the 600th chipset, support DDR5 memory and include PCIe 5.0.

The only specific thing we can take from the benchmark is that Alder Lake processors are sent out for early reference numbers. It’s safe to assume, then, that more reliable numbers will be released in the coming weeks and months. Until then, let’s just make sure you take in numbers that seem too good to be true as a grain of salt.

Intel Alder Lake is expected to launch in September, and more details will come from Intel over the next few months.

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