Intel is ready to carry “smart memory access” with resizable bar support

Things are about to improve for gamers thanks to the rapid consolidation of the PCIe Resizable BAR feature. AMD led the shipment last year with its “Smart Access Memory,” which requires both a Ryzen 5000 CPU and RX 6000 GPU to run the feature. Intel and Nvidia They were not happy To learn more about competitive advantage. Soon both companies promised to offer versions of the feature, which they referred to as a resizable tape. Intel is now ready to fulfill that promise, and has officially announced Resizable BAR support for 11th-generation CPUs.

Intel General Manager Fredrik Hamberger announced the feature in a recent discussion with Tom’s devices. Hamburger discussed the process of working with both Nvidia and AMD to develop variable size tape support, and referred to it as more than standardization rather than a distinct Intel feature. The suggestion is also subtle, because Resizable BAR has apparently been around since PCIe 3.0, but it hasn’t been used until recently.

Take it to the next level

The scalable BAR standardization means players will be able to achieve 5-10% better performance in games simply by using the feature. According to Nvidia-The feature allows the CPU to “efficiently access the entire frame storage”, while navigating through levels and open-world environments. It’s an exciting “add-on” to go along with improved architectures and manufacturing processes that allow for better gaming experiences. Deal with things like Nvidia’s DLSS software, and high-end devices definitely look cute.

Intel tape resizable

AMD shows that the results are real when it comes to “smart access memory”. Expect the same with Intel.

Intel has suggested that some 10th-generation products are technically able to take advantage of Resizable Bar, although exact details have not been released about what to expect. Whatever the case, Intel expects original equipment manufacturers to finish updating drivers for their 11th generation CPUs to include support for Resizable BAR in the near future. Gamers can look forward to support on both desktop and laptop computers. Once Resizable BAR becomes widely available, it should be possible to mix and match the AMD, Intel, and Nvidia hardware configurations that support it.

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