All Warzone bunker codes and locations

Are you looking for hidden caches in Warzone? There are various caches located throughout Verdansk, each containing game-changing loads of loot. Whether you need money, powerful weapons, and Killstreak bonuses, these bunkers will likely tip the game’s balance in your favor.

You might be late for the party, but everyone else is at Battle royale game Fully aware of the riches these bunkers have. Be prepared to battle teams if you try to open any of these chests, as other players will be constantly searching for loot winning the game. We highly recommend playing with a group of friends if you want to open a cache early in the game.

Unfortunately, getting to bunkers is not as easy as climbing up to the basement doors. To access Warzone’s caches, you’ll need Warzone access codes or red access cards. There’s one cache in particular that will challenge players to travel around Verdansk just to get there, but the rewards really speak for themselves. There are even some schemes in these bunkers, giving you permanent access to special weapons.


exist 13 bunkers at Warzone. Six of these bunkers can be opened with access codes, five bunkers require a red access card, Bunker 11 requires the most steps to unlock it, and airport bunker doesn’t need anything to get to.

Updated Warzone Bunker interactive website, bunker, train, and subway map icons – link in comments to bunker videos – final version of map showing basically everything you need not on the game map Subway is an underrated tool! Thanks for the positive comments 🙂 from CODWarzone

Here are the Warzone vault codes:

  • Junkyard code – 87624851
  • Kart Racing Track code – 87624851
  • BCH TV station – 27495810
  • Agricultural war zone code – 49285163
  • Warzone prison code – 72948531
  • Styor Spomenik code – 60274513


Closed bunkers that have a green light above Door A require Red access card. Finding these cards can be tricky since they are a rare item drop – while you can find them on regular chests, they will likely appear in legend chests. Fortunately, these access cards can be used to open any of the five locked bunkers. Once you have the arrival card, you can head to the nearest closed bunker to get started.

Here are the locations of closed Warzone bunkers behind red access cards:

  • Broken site
  • East of the Karst River Quarry
  • West of the Jura Dam
  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Zuzny Spomenik


Airport Bunker is introduced to Warzone during the Cold War first season sequel. Unlike the other twelve bunkers, you don’t need anything special to access the items within the bastion. To get to Airport Bunker, simply Find the hatch on the tarmac and jump into it. Skilled players can even jump straight into the bunker parachute, giving them the perfect opportunity to score late game spoils early on.

Unfortunately, this makes it a prime location for hot drop teams due to the high quality loot. If you try to break into this lair at the start of the match, you must be prepared to fight enemy groups. If you escape the bunker alive, there’s a good chance you can find a red access card, allowing you to loot another nearby hideout.


Bunker 11 is the hardest shelter to unlock in Warzone, but the rewards speak for themselves. Not only will you be able to access amazing loot, you can also unlock Mud Drauber MP7 Scheme That is not even available for purchase in the in-game store. We highly recommend reading Bunker 11 war zones A guide highlighting each step required to unlock this difficult vault.

The entry code to the WARZONE Stadium

Just like Bunker 11, it is difficult to reach due to the number of players who can easily destroy your target. Breaking into Stadium Bunker requires three keycards, codes from nearby computers, and a way to crack the hidden code. We already know how deadly the best CR-56 AMAX materiel It is, and if you can get to Stadium Bunker you can find the legendary Enigma CR-56 AMAX Diagram. You can find all of these steps on our website Codes to access Warzone Stadium Instructs.

This is all available information on the Warzone bunker codes and websites. It looks like new caches can be added to the game completely randomly, so it’s worth paying attention to this page for any future updates. If you haven’t already, you can find out what an Best War Zone Gear Drop It is, in addition to each Best war zone rifles.

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