Terminator: Resistance Boost will come to PlayStation 5 in March

publisher Reef Entertainment Announced plans to launch Terminator: Resistance On PlayStation 5 This is March. The new version will be named Terminator: Strengthening Resistance And it contains some additional upgrades.

Terminator: Strengthening Resistance It is a new version of the game that will take advantage of the possibilities PlayStation 5. The title will contain improved frame rates, graphic resolutions, faster load times, and use of the new hardware features of the DualSense controller.

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The game will contain all the updates that were in the PC version. Players on Play Station 5 He will also enjoy “stealth mode” and become a T-800 series infiltrator.

Terminator: Resistance It was initially released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in November 2019. FPS is an officially licensed title set during Future War.

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Terminator: Resistance It’s set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles 30 years after Judgment Day. The game introduces a completely new hero in the franchise called Jacob Rivers. He served as a soldier in the resistance efforts led by John Connor.

Jacob starts out as a humble person without much experience. However, it was specifically targeted by Skynet and marked for termination. Nevertheless, Jacob is determined to change his fate.

The game contains running and pistol or stealth and hack techniques to traverse Skynet’s defense. Players will also upgrade their skills, search for scraps, and then trade these items for more valuable items or craft them into something new.

The title expands further on the Future War seen in The position or the terminator And the T2: Judgment Day Films. Not only is Jacob new to the series, but he will meet other survivors who can help change their futures.

Hacker Mode was a free content update added in early November. As the T-800, players have a new set of skills to break through the defenses of resistance soldiers. T-800 can build their own data banks with intel of resistance and knowledge of locations of important strongholds.

The primary goal of the T-800 is to find Tech-Com’s field commander. But if the machine fails, it will have to start over in the front from the start.

The Steam version of the game also contained a Steam Leaderboard option to see how others performed as the T-800.

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Terminator: Strengthening Resistance It launches on March 26th for PlayStation 5.

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