Is $ 350 Too Much For An Intel CPU Cooler? The answer is probably yes

Intel has been known to work with Cooler Master and EKWB on some serious cooling, a technology that calls it up Cryo cooling technology for smart cooling in sub-regions. But we didn’t really care about the costs involved in this new generation of Peltier chips peelers, something Sweclockers It was recently highlighted with the European release date on February 25th. You are looking around $ 350 (£ 395) To Cooler Master MasterL Liquid ML360 Sub-Zero powered by Intel Cryo cooling technologyWhy do you use one word when ten does well?

The cooler definitely looks interesting, and although it is designed exclusively for Intel chips, it has already been seen Ryzen 9 5950X. These tricks aside, this is an impressive cooler that should keep the hottest Intel 14nm ++ chips cool.

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