GOG Valentine’s Day sales are straightforward and all about the love of games

Toys tend to put a smile on most people’s faces. Heck, even when we cry and swear on the outside, we’re probably smiling on the inside. Games are just good fun in many different ways. Many of us consider playing games a passion, so when Valentine’s Day approaches each year, why not celebrate your love for games? The folks at GOG are clearly on the same page, because there are Valentine’s Day sales Live in store now.

The sale features an ridiculously large number of games. With all those fish in the sea, we figured we’ll help you by picking a few special deals and pointing you in the right direction for others. Of course, we just can’t list everything in this article so you’ll also want to take a look for yourself. Who do you know? You might find something new to fall in love with, or even see a title worth gifting to that special someone. It could be that special you, too. Hey, everything is fine.

Needless to say, we’ve pretty much drifted into our list so we’ve broken things down to make it easier for you. Let’s start with the clear theme of Love Games and get that out of the way. For whatever reason, the GOG sales team is in the category. There is one distinct love game, and it is called HuniePop 2: Double Date. It’s Waifu kinda at 10% off the final price of $ 17.99. It is a dating game with abundance. What can we say?

Sim dating game

It is clearly not for children.

Great deals on successful games

With this sale being performed by GOG owner CD Projekt, it should come as no surprise to learn that all the magician Games and even Cyberpunk 2077 On the opponent. You all know about these games by now, so note that the GOTY version of The Witcher 3 It is the cheapest price ever at $ 9.99. Cyberpunk 2077 10% off, it’s set at $ 53.99.

The next and most obvious thing you’ll see at GOG Valentine’s Day sales is that Bethesda has a prominent presence. An impressive variety of titles are available at 50% off or more. These include some of the elderly the deathAnd the EarthquakeAnd the Sheikh Scripts, ramifications, insulting Games and more. One you might think of is Fallout: New Vegas For $ 9.99 like the mega size Ministry of Border Defense Recently released. It practically doubles the size of the game with a new user-created area.

The Origins of the Forbidden Heaven

Check out one of the greatest returns in gaming across No Mans Sky. You get all the updates over the years in this package.

There is more to consider. Includes other games for sale Control: the absolute version For only $ 23.99 now, Outside world For $ 29.99, No Mans Sky For $ 29.99, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord For $ 44.99, Wold 3 For $ 41.99. All of these games tend to be top-notch on the graph, so you can feel reassured that the value is there.

Recent releases

There are also some more recent versions. You have your choice of games like Jad Sam 4 For $ 31.99, Gosterner At only $ 20.09, Sea call For $ 16.99, Falconeer For $ 23.99, Iron harvest 34.99, Journey to the planet Savage For $ 17.99 and Bear Aspera For $ 25.49. If you are curious whether any of these are worth it to you, just head over to our site review And the Previews Sections to see what we have to say.

Sale GOG Valentine's Day

Live the life of a deranged detective in Disco Elysium.

More to consider

The rest of our picks do not fall into any particular category. There are some indie games, and some games are not very Some of the classics and some other interesting games. The weather isn’t exactly great – up else The reason we need to stay home now. For this reason, it seems ideal that we recommend some RPG action-packed lengthy RPGs.

Disco Elysium It is a successful freelance title full of cool, fun and funny situations. Writing is considered first class, in addition to being present New content soon. This game has kept its value until now, so this massively reduced price of $ 21.99 is here to stay.

If you’re looking for something equally outlandish, but more horrific and classic, go for it BioShock Remastered. This game may be a little outdated by now, but the degree of refinement it shows is hard to ignore. The Remaster really helps look better in the modern era, because it still plays well. The best part? BioShock Remastered Only $ 4.99.

Kayaking on Valentine's Day GOG sale

Disbelief He wants you dead.

Speaking of the classics, how about something to blend in Evil spirits With 2D graphics? 2D death is a good way to summarize Disbelieve, Which is now $ 12.49. If you want to travel back in time, but not into graphics resolution, check out Come Kingdom: The Royal Edition of Deliverance. It’s only $ 19.99, and it lets you go on a tour around medieval Poland. Taking this period is super cool if you love your date. Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice It’s also a little medieval, with a solid dose of imagination. The sequel is very much anticipated, so you might enjoy catching up with the next entry for only $ 7.49. To round off medieval stuff, there is, too The Age of the Dragon: Origins For only $ 4.99. Again, you might want to play this game to get ready for it Dragon Age 4.

Sale GOG Valentine's Day

Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice Awesome and scary.

We hope these signals help you take full advantage of the sale to get the games you want to play. You’re sure to fall in love with one of these, and like we said, there’s a lot more to mention here. Head over to GOG for a complete look at selling. Just keep in mind that the GOG Valentine Day Sale ends on February 15th at 9 AM ET.

All prices are in US dollars.

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