Mechanic Armory Theater – Best Tower Upgrades

Jinshin effectThe Theater Mechanicus mini-game includes the Armory Board. In it, you will be able to check your horoscope upgrades. We also discuss some of the best horoscope options and their combinations in this guide.

Noticeable: For more information about the game, check out our site Jinshin effect Manual and hub features. You can also head over to Lantern Rite Event Directory And mechanical theater Tower Defense Guide.

Jinshin effectTheater Mechanical Armory – Tower upgrades and best options

When checking out the Armory page from Jinshin effectMechanical theater activity, you will notice many obstacles. These are called Veneficus Mechanicus, and I’ll only refer to them as “constellations” from now on.

However, only five are available today; The rest is opened in the coming days or on Reaching a new stage of festive fever. We’ll be discussing mainly hypothetical elements, although I’ll add some anecdotes about the remaining constellations.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower 2 upgrades

The name of the tower The effect of the base Level 3 upgrade Level 5 upgrade
Tidal flats (water damage and condition) Small AoE attack AoE is greater Periodically occurs mist bubbles that can trap enemies
Spark (Pyro damage and case) Fireballs that cause small damage to AoE AoE is greater Leaves behind flames that inflict damage on passing enemies
Ice Thin (Damaged and Cryo Condition) Frost bullet fires Frost bullets reduce SPD velocity Frost bullets explode to cause focus area damage
Thunderstrike (Electro and status) Lightning attacks an enemy Attack three enemies simultaneously He periodically hits an opponent soon
Redemption Mark 1 (Building Points) Generates additional building points when defeating enemies within a small AoE area around the tower Increase AoE Dramatically increases the amount of Building Points obtained
Storm (Damage and Anemo Status)
Opens on February 11th
It can be rotated to adjust its direction; Knocks the enemies Increased knockout distance You will attract enemies while charging
Long arc (bodily damage)
Opens as soon as you reach the festive fever stage “Guests from afar”
Arrows are fired periodically Increased effectiveness against Geo Bolts gain steering capabilities
Desire (buffer tower)
Opens as soon as you reach the festive fever stage “Guests from afar”
Dungeon attack increases in small AoE area around
It does not accumulate with other horoscope influences
Increases AoE to Orange
Note: This is a Level 2 upgrade
It can overlap with impacts from Mysticus other Mechanici
Note: This is a Level 3 upgrade
Ambush Mine (Pyro Damage and Status)
Opens on February 12th
Deals massive damage to Pyro AoE when the enemy approaches Dramatically reduces building points needed for construction Defeating an opponent with an Ambush Mine could cause another explosion
Wonder Gate (Parapsychology)
Opens as soon as you reach the “glow of a thousand lanterns” festive fever
Two of them can be built on the map.
Players can use the Wonder Gate to instantly jump to its counterpart.
Unavailable Unavailable

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower 3 upgrades

Remember that every tower upgrade requires Veneficus sigils (Costs increase by level). As such, you want to jot down the best that can really help you while operating a mechanical theater. Likewise, since Jinshin effectThe Lantern Rite event has just started, and we still have a lot to learn when it comes to additional maps and towers in the coming days.

For now, though, I think the Tidal Flats Tower is the most effective when it comes to wear. This is primarily due to its AoE, which is why it’s the first one I upgraded to the Armory Mechanics Theater. Also, when you combine it with a Cryo character (as Ganyu), you can easily freeze several enemies. Alternatively, you can run with the letter Hydro and often use the Thin Ice tower for the Freeze Effect.

As for the Spark Tower, I find it a bit inconsistent compared to Thunderstrike. When the Spark Tower is placed in the central area of ​​the map, falling fireballs can easily hit enemies coming from the spawn point. Unfortunately, faster enemies tend to move away from it completely, and the movement of the lobes is too slow to actually injure them. Even those with several seconds to fire will not hit these fast crowds, and targets are likely to reach the exit.

Noticeable: I have not yet fully tested the recovery tower.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower 1 upgrades

Jinshin effect Available via Official Website. For more information, check out our website Manual and hub features. We also have lantern rituals Event Directory And mechanical theater Tower Defense Guide.

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