Chosen Season – Evidence Hammer Handbook

The Proof Hammer is an essential component of Destiny 2: Season of the Mukhtar. Here’s our guide discussing how to get it, plus the different perks you can unlock. We also talk about two related mechanics: the Cabal Gold and Tribute Chests.

Noticeable: For more information, check out our website Destiny 2: Season of the Mukhtar Manual and hub features.

Destiny 2: Season of the Mukhtar – Modification Proof Hammer, Gold Cabal, and Tribute Boxes

Remember how Beyond the light Did you do various activities just to get a corresponding fee Cryptolith Lor? Well, you’ll do something similar on Destiny 2: Season of the Mukhtar Once you get Hammer of Proving. You can refer to the pages below to find the parts you need help with:

Proof Hammer: The Basics, Caballe Gold, and Honors Boxes

Unlockable features

D2 Soch Hmr Prv 1

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