What set of video games would you wear in real life?

Do you think you could wear Adam Jensen’s coat? A dream to wear like Ignorance of Nabat From Final Fantasy XIII? Would you tend to do without one of those true versions of the Cyberpunk 2077 V-jacket even though it looks a bit cheap? Or maybe you spend a lot of money on Leon’s jacket from Resident Evil 4? Marianne from The Medium has a great jacket, too. Maybe that should just be a question about jackets.

What set of video games would you wear in real life?

These are our answers, plus some of the Our forum.

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Natalie Clayton: I’ve always been fond of transistor Reed clothes. A chic, ripped Art Deco dress with a worn feather collar framed by a delicate black jacket, it’s a look that screams “I have an army of robots to destroy with my friend / Saif on your way to tonight’s ball.” I also know I can wear it, because I already did – Red is one of two tries in the cosplay world, and I rocked this look even with the low-effort outfit collapsing the moment I put it on. Sure, the get-up is pretty up-to-date for the gaming industry blender, but I think this coat will work well with some skinny jeans and bold shirts. You know, everyday fashion game.

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