What makes a great anime game

We are steeped in computer animation games. From erotica featuring doe-eyed eyes on Steam to games based on actual TV shows like Dragon Ball FighterZ– and even games that seem to be animated, like Yakuza Sequential – There are many different ways to interpret the term.

So what makes a game “anime”, even if it doesn’t have the look of distinct Japanese cartoons? And most importantly, what do the best of these games have in common? Read on for a recipe containing all the key ingredients for a great animation game.

Transcend type

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Animation games are more daring to play in the traditional genres. Perhaps the most famous example of this is the Final Fantasy series – even Final Fantasy games with a high imagination setting aren’t shy about throwing steampunk elements into the mix, like Final Fantasy 6. Games with a modern environment like Final Fantasy 15You, meanwhile, see nothing wrong with carrying giant sword-wielding characters on their way to the instant noodle truck.

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