PlayStation 5 Setup Guide: Step-by-Step Instructions with Pictures

The Sony PlayStation 5 went on sale in India and the main gaming console was out of stock a few minutes after it started selling in the country. So, if you can get yourself a PS5, congratulations! Read also – Tech news today: Realme X7 India launch, FAU-G Global Edition, Poco X3 discounts on Flipkart

The new generation console not only offers better graphics, but also a more intuitive user interface. However, before we get to the games part, we need to set up the PlayStation 5 the right way and also make sure that you are signed in to your PlayStation account so that you can play games online. Read also – Mass Effect Legendary Edition set for May 14th: price, what’s and more

So, follow these easy steps to set up your PlayStation 5. Read also – Sony confirms that it sold 4.5 million PS5 consoles in just 92 days

Open the PS5 case

First you need to get the PS5 out of its box which comes in a huge box. Much larger than its predecessors. The top cover contains the DualSense Wireless Controller with Bluetooth, the power cord, a USB Type-C cable for connecting the controller, and an HDMI cable.

You can also get the user manual and warranty card in the box. All PS5 owners will get a standard one-year warranty on the console and game console. Gently remove the main controller from the box and place it where you want to set up the device.

Find the perfect location

While setting up the PS5, be sure to choose a spot that won’t block the vents for your gaming console. Most people mistake it for places where the ventilation holes are clogged. Do not do it. Make sure to place the console where air can easily pass through because the PS5 has a cooling system inside that passes hot air out.

PS5 is set up in the room

It is a powerful piece of hardware and the largest gaming console of its generation. You can place it horizontally as well as vertically. Sony also provides a docking station for the PS5 which can be used as a console stand and must be purchased separately. We recommend placing it vertically as it will take more space horizontally.

PS5 is horizontal

Set it up

Now comes the most important part. Set it up so you can start playing. First you need to connect the PS5 to a power source and then connect the console to the TV using the HDMI port. Once done, press the PS5’s power button. You will then need to select the correct HDMI input on your TV and then you will be greeted by the PS5 setup screen. To navigate the PS5’s user interface, you’ll need to connect the DualSense wireless controller.

PS5 HDMI port

Note, when you connect the console at that time, you’ll have to connect it to the PS5 using a Type-C cord. Press the “PS” button on the console and then you’ll be connected to the PS5.

Now choose your preferred language and then you will be prompted to connect the PS5 to the Wi-Fi source. After entering the Wi-Fi password, the controller will ask you to set the screen area using the controller.

DualSense controller

After that, the PS5 will ask you to insert a game disc to install a game or you can skip this step. After that, the PS5 will start updating to the latest firmware and then restarting automatically.

PS5 power

After restarting the PS5 again, press the “PS” button on the console to go to the console’s home page. You will then be asked to log into your PlayStation account. You can either enter the ID and password to log in through the PS app on your smartphone using the QR code. This is! Your PlayStation 5 is set.

Download games for PS5

Remember, you can download the digital PS4 game stored in the PlayStation Plus library on your new PS5 system. To do this, go to the ‘My Library’ option on the PS5 and there you will see all the games that you previously downloaded on the PS4.

Download PS Games%

You can also download and play these games on PS5. If you have multiplayer games, you can play these games online with your PlayStation Plus account.

Remember, only the Blu-ray version of PS5 provides support for game CD playback and the digital version only supports digital games.

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