Genshin Impact Layers List: The Best and Worst Characters

There are currently 29 Genshin Impact Characters available, so there is no shortage of candidates for your Dream Team. But with so many different weapons, items, talents, boarding bonuses, and tower upgrades, finding your favorites can be difficult.

In fact, it’s hard to find a really bad Genshin Impact character. While basic stats and basic abilities are important, character value also depends on the personal play style, available weapons and artifacts, and team composition. So don’t worry too much if your favorite character is on one of the lower levels; You can still make it work with our recommendations It builds the effect of Genshin.

In general, being on the higher levels means the character is the best in their role, not too difficult to build, and performing well regardless of teammates. Being at a lower level means there are better alternatives, or the character needs a very specific build or team to shine. Just for reference, the characters are not ranked under their own level, however far away, let’s take a look at our character ranking in the Genshin Impact Layer List!

Genshin Impact SS + tier character lineup



It is generally considered the best DPS character in The effect of Jinshin, DeLuke Has Claymore Destroyer of Armor, the highest base attack power, and a high Critical Rate. Its basic abilities are able to deal with devastating Pyro damage, while being perfect for initial reactions. As if that wasn’t enough, Diluc’s initial burst cooldown is 12 seconds and it only needs 40 energies.


Keqing stats are really good, okay. This Sword character is ranked among the best in all categories: attack strength, health, and defense. This makes it an amazing melee fighter, but it also has powerful electrical capabilities. Did we mention that she can use her basic skill to teleport across the battlefield?


Sagittarius and Anemo Fenty Character Arguably the best elemental support in the game. He can use his basic skill to launch his enemies or launch himself into the air, while his racial explosion creates a massive Stormeye that attracts all nearby enemies. It also absorbs Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements, which are then converted into 50% additional damage output of this elemental type.


Let’s start with the best thing about Cryo Sword-fighter Qiqi: Not only does she have very high attack stats, but she also has healing abilities that increase her own attack strength. In other words, it’s a massive damage dealer and wizard in one.


Ganyu and her arc are the first to compete with Diluc’s base attack power. Moreover, it has the unique ability to release different types of Cryo Arrows with its Charged attack only, including one with Damage Impact Zone. Combined with AoE’s powerful components capabilities, Juneau It can constantly hurt and freeze its enemies.

Jinshin Impact S.



Since he is the only Anemo character who focuses only on DPS, Xiao does a great job of attacking multiple enemies simultaneously with his falling attacks. He could easily unleash the racial reaction swirling with a host of characters, allowing Xiao to get in with most of the list. Verify Jinshin Impact Building Xiao To learn how to get the most out of his basic skills.


This aquatic figure is not only easy to use with a bow; By unleashing his basic skill, he can exchange his long-range weapon for water melee daggers. Unlike most Hydro characters, Tartaglia is capable of doing massive elemental damage. It can easily set up Hydro / Electro or Hydro / Cryo kit as well, which makes it useful in several ways.


This Bombardment expert is blessed with high base attack, extra damage on Pyro climb, and Boost. As a result, it’s very easy to build to get maximum Pyro damage. Verify Jinshin Impact holistic build To see how. The only downside to Klee is that finding the right range between her and her enemies can be difficult.


Unlike other geographic figures in The effect of Jinshin, Albedo It can continuously lead to highly harmful racial reactions. Its core capabilities create geographic explosions with a large area of ​​impact, and Albedo elemental skill has an exceptionally short slowdown time of just four seconds.


An explosion in Hydro’s Mona can immobilize several enemies at once, which can freeze them with a fellow Cryo. Moreover, it can protect your main DPS from suffering major damage by spawning a mock phantom. Mona also has a special dribbling ability, which makes this Catalyst-wielder very mobile.


After Update 1.3, Zhongli is finally deserving of a five-star rating. The improvement to both Geo capabilities and Geo Element Resonance greatly increased Zhongli’s damage output. Not only is Zhongli able to deal damage on par with S-tier characters, but his Jade Shield’s ability is extremely effective, allowing him to play as a DPS / Support hybrid. Give us Genshin Impact Zhongli Building Look to see how much better it is now.

Jinshin Impact A Collection



Jan’s primary attack is on the downside, but its versatility as Anemo support and wizard makes up for it. Although she doesn’t really excel in a particular role, she can carry a team with joint melee attacks, crowd control abilities, and HP regeneration. Verify Jinshin Impact Jane Building Guide To learn how to use it in combat.


Prinzessin of Electro has the unique ability to deploy Oz, familiar to her, on the battlefield. Although Fischl needs some tower upgrades and talents to maximize Oz’s electrical damage output, this ability has very high and amazing potential for creating electrolyte-immersed elemental interactions. You can learn how to build Best Build Genshin Impact Fischl Here.


You might not do the most clash damage by just using Polearm, but there’s no denying that Xiangling is one of the best Pyro’s in the Genshin Impact. Her basic skill drops an auto-targeting teddy bear, blowing fire, while her elemental blast surrounds her in fire for up to ten seconds.


If you don’t have a 5-star main DPS yet, razor It is your next best choice. Armed with Claymore and high attacking power, he is one of the best melee fighters in Genshin Impact. Its basic abilities boosts in melee attacks, but is less useful when generating elemental reactions.


This Hydro Catalyst Character might have the least basic attack of all Genshin Impact characters, but she’s a great healer. She can either heal characters one by one using her basic skills, or heal the entire team at once with her initial blast. Unfortunately, it also causes the ‘wet’ state, which makes its healing inappropriate against Cryo’s enemies.

Jinshin Impact Character Collection B.

B – class


Chemistry and sucrose enthusiasts can launch enemies into the air with their basic skills, causing Anemo damage in the process. It can also absorb all Pyro, Electro, Hydro and Cryo items with their explosion, converting them into extra damage output. Look familiar? Sucrose is mainly fenty, but it is not good.

Chung Yun

Chongyun is so good as Claymore, but really shines as Cryo Sphere Impact. Combined with the good Hydro, he can freeze a lot of enemies at once. Thanks to the 12-second deceleration element explosion, it can freeze, freeze and freeze again.

Our debts

Katzlein Diona is not useful as a long-range damage dealer, but her Cryo abilities can easily freeze several enemies at once. It can also heal and create protective shields. While Dionna is not the best in any of these roles, it does make her a great primary support for junior teams.


Cursed with one of the least basic attacking powers in the game, Bennett would not be the DPS of your dreams. However, he can offer an offensive reward and heal his teammates (increase his health) with his initial blast. He’s put in the right team, which makes him support Pyro well.


Pyro Xinyan has the highest base attack of all 4-star characters. However, it also has the misfortune of being equipped with the same weapon and base type as the beloved Diluc. Although she’s not a bad character by any means, she easily overshadows the better Claymore and Pyro characters.


Xingqui’s Sword’s attacks are moderate, and his items cool off very long. It is not Hydro most suitable for applying moisture condition to large enemy hordes. But on the plus side: a passive Xingqui skill will process the current character, which can be very helpful in the right team.

Jinshin Impact C Character Collection



Noelle is a very defensive character Geo Claymore. It is very useful to players early in the game thanks to its armor and healing ability. While her ability to heal is poor, she can do the job in the absence of a better healer.


Librarian’s AoE Electro powers are great for starting players. She has a base attack higher than the other three characters at the beginning, has a field of attack effect, and it is easy to maximize electrical damage output thanks to her trigger. However, others will overtake her once you get more wishes.


Kaeya-wielder can take on the main DPS to start Genshin Impact Players, but he needs to be replaced as soon as possible. His rise stats might give him higher energy, but Kaeya’s abilities aren’t nearly as useful as Cryo’s other abilities.

the passenger

A traveler’s biggest asset is the unique ability to change the type of item. If your team really needs an Anemo or Geographic Element, Traveler can help you. Regular Sword attacks aren’t very malicious, but they can easily fit in any team.


The Catalyst character has a rather unique armor ability that can be used to shape the battlefield; Just place a huge geographical wall wherever you want, and stop the incoming hordes of enemies in the process. The new 1.3 update has given Geo characters a much-needed boost of damage, so there’s a chance that Ningguang will be positioned higher over time. Verify Genshin Impact Ningguang Building Find out how to play as a Geo DPS dealer.


Beidou is a complex character that can be built. Most of the other Claymore characters have a much higher base damage score, and Beidou’s base abilities only become strong if their constellation level reaches four. In other words, it may take a long time before Bidu reaches its potential, while there are easier and better alternatives available (look at you, Razor!).

Jinshin Impact D. Character Collection



where do I start? Core Skill Amber has long idle time, very low damage output, and scale with HP. Manually making the blast takes a long time. Its basic blast and regular attack isn’t anything special either. Use it for puzzles and exploration only.

Now it’s time to choose and build your favorite characters from the list of Genshin Impact layers.

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