The Hearthstone Three Kingdoms Pack arrives with the Lunar New Year event

Just a few weeks ago, Hearth stone It appeared in the release of the first mini-set in the form Darkmoon races. It wasn’t long before the players were discovered Four new pictures of the secret hero. References to something called Three kingdoms The package is also found. Blizzard declined to comment at the time, but it is now Everything was revealed. In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year, the Three Kingdoms Pack will bring more Legendary Quests, Lunar Blessing Tavern Brawl, and Hero Skins to Hearth stone.

Players can look forward to winning a total of nine card packs. These will come from both Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, as well as Scholomance Academy. All you have to do is complete the missions between February 9th and 23rd.

Tasks are straightforward enough. Play one game from Hearth stone Battlefields for two Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Card Packs and Scholomance Academy Pack. Five games Hearth stone Duels earn you two Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Cards and a Scholomance Academy Pack. The same rewards apply if you’ve played five rated standard games as well.

Hearthstone enters the Lunar New Year with the Three Kingdoms Pack and more missions (2)

Choose your package

As for the new hero skins in the Three Kingdoms package, you can purchase them individually for $ 10 USD either in Hearth stone Or through the Blizzard Store. There are also two more packages for those looking for more. The Three Kingdoms Hero Bundle costs $ 25 and comes with Zhuge Liang Anduin, Guan Yu Uther, Diao Chan Valeera, and Lu Bu Garrosh.

The other, the Small Three Kingdoms Pack, costs $ 15 and only contains Diao Chan Valeera and Lu Bu Garrosh.

As for Lunar Blessings Tavern Brawl, it should be familiar to those who have played it before. Players get a selection of random formations and choose the pool of their choice from three of a dozen possible. All of them correspond accordingly to the Chinese zodiac signs. Each will bring a different benefit that may suit your group.

Lunar New Year celebrations at Hearth stone Starting on February 9th and running until February 23rd, making the Three Kingdoms Package Arrival even better.

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