Roguebook is a deck maker with a touch of magic

(Image credit: Nacon)

Last year there was a monster train, before the Spire slaughter, before that Dream Quest. (And before that, board games like Dominion.) It’s almost as if the digital deckbuilder genre is in the “Doom clone” phase of its development, which is a good thing. There is room for more than one game about creating the perfect deck of cards to survive random fights, where your ultimate victory depends on finding some terrible combo. But at the moment, most of them seem to differ in their aesthetics as much as they do with their modifications to the formula.

Aesthetically, the Roguebook is a winner. Designed by Abrakam, responsible for the lowest-rated CCG Veria, Which the Roguebook shares its surroundings with as well as its photos – part of Miyazaki Forest, and part of a children’s fairytale book.

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