Genshin Impact Photo Event Guide – How to Get to Kamera

Wondering how to use the camera to take a photo in Genshin Impact? The latest Genshin Impact update is finally available, along with an arrival Jinxin Impact Xiao – There is a bunch of limited-time events running now, which earn you many rewards upon completion. One of these tasks, Five Flushes of Fortune, assigns you to take photos of specific items in order to get pictures of different colors.

The event guide will tell you what color of collectible item you need to photograph that day; Then you’ll go out in search of the corresponding items – note that you can only take one photo for each one separately. You can take ten photos a day, and every photo you take will appear as one of five random colors – pale gold, ocher, aster purple, ultramarine, or cochineal. Once you have one of each, you can bring it to Ji Tong in exchange for a burial reward that contains primogems, among other goodies.

If you can’t secure a complete set yourself, trading with friends allows you to fill in the missing parts. The event runs until February 13, but the camera you get will only work until February 10, after which there will be no other challenges – but that will give you time to trade with friends in order to complete your cool combos before the event ends. Here’s how to use the Genshin Impact Kurious Kamera:

How to get the Genshin Impact Kamera Camera

To start the Five Flushes of Fortune mission, you need an Adventures rating of 20 or higher. Not quite there? Our evidence is on How to Quick Settle in Genshin Impact They may be able to help you.

To get Kurious Kamera and start the mission, head over to Liyue Harbor and talk to Ji Tong – it’s been marked with a camera icon on your map.

Schematic Diagram of the Filming Process in Genshin Impact;  Photo of a camera, photographic subject (shrub in a field), and printed photos afterward

How to take a photo with the Genshin Impact Kamera Camera

Using Kurious Kamera is a little more complicated than taking regular photos. First you need to equip the camera into your tool slot from your inventory. You should now see the Kamera icon at the bottom right of the screen; Simply press the corresponding button to bring up the camera viewfinder.

Point the camera at something eligible for collection, and a circle will appear that identifies it. Then the camera automatically takes a photo and gives you a randomly colored picture.

Trading screen for Genshin Impact Pictures;  There is a choice

How to Trade Genshin Impact Stocks

Chances are, you’ll need a little help completing your photo collections and getting your hands on those sets. To trade with your friends, go to the Five Flushes of Fortune event page, and go to the “Photo Swap” tab, which lists your friends and shows how many photos they currently have. Submit any spares their way and help complete their collections, we hope they respond in kind and you’ll get some additional photos, which appear in the Receive tab.

You can keep up to 50 unclaimed photos at once; It will be deleted once it exceeds this number, so be sure to ask you for it.

How to get the Genshin Impact Special Kamera Camera

You’ll lose access to Kurious Kamera once the action is over – thankfully, though, you can get your hands on the special camera instead, which, according to Mihoyo, takes pictures with “special colors”. To get this camera, wait until the action is over, then complete Ji Tong’s “Perfect Shot” Global Quest.

That’s all you need to become an expert photographer with Genshin Impact – now go ahead and find your goals. If you are looking for a new fellow in the market, check out List of Jinshin effect layers To see who we recommend you catch – or if you’re impatient, you can wait for a rumor Jinshin Impact new characters To reach – then decorate them with the best Genshin Impact Weapons And the Jinshin archaeological artifacts.

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