Valve loses its patent lawsuit to SCUF Gaming, and will pay millions in damages

As we are I mentioned last weekA SCUF gaming company known as Ironburg Inventions decided to bring Valve to court in a lawsuit over patent infringement of racket features for its console design. The damned Steam console that the company largely liquidated for $ 5 in a quick sale still caused Valve problems even in 2021.

As I mentioned Law.comThe actual trial took place over the past week and the result was largely one-sided. The jury unanimously ruled that Valve was at fault and decided to award Irunberg damages of at least $ 4 million USD. However, that number could grow due to a jury’s conclusion that Valve’s patent infringement was “intentional.” The judge will be able to estimate the amount and raise the return if necessary.

Ironburg Inventions initially sought $ 11 million in compensation, but eventually lowered its target to $ 6 million. This makes the judgment far from reality, but there is something better than nothing and at least he can tell that justice has been served. That of course depends on who you ask.

Track the problem

Valve assures there were no wrongdoing on her part. The feature that caused all the fuss is about the “paddles” that can be found on the underside of the console. Ironburg Inventions patented the design in 2011. Once Valve began designing the luxurious paddle steam controller, Ironburg reached out to inform her of the conflict with her patent. From what we understand, Valve didn’t see the design similar. Ignore it and keep launching the product. The decision was clearly not worth the trouble in the end. However, Valve lost the lawsuit against SCUF Gaming.

Controller patented

Such a simple thing definitely caused a lot of fuss.

Valve likely settled it years ago with a lot less publicity. In turn, it would have paid the license as Microsoft does for its Elite series of Xbox consoles. It appears to be a bad decision by Valve, and it adds another negative sign for the company Registered recently.

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