Dyson Sphere Program – Hydrogen – How to Use Oil

If you play games like Factorio or Satisfactory, you might find a lot to like about Dyson Sphere: a game in which you build conveyor belts to automate the building of components from raw materials like hydrogen. All while working on a bigger goal: building a Dyson Sphere.

Although there is an in-game tutorial, Dyson Sphere can be a little blurry, especially if you are new to the genre. We highly recommend checking our site Beginner’s Guide to Dyson Sphere For tips on how to get started, from how the logistics work, to effective ways to do research.

Speaking of Matrix Labs, there’s a point in the Dyson Sphere program where you’ll need to harvest hydrogen to make the power matrix – a material needed to research mid-level upgrades and technologies like photon frequency conversion. It’s not clear how to make your first hydrogen, so we’ll go over the requirements to open the necessary facilities, as well as the best way to extract hydrogen to create a steady flow of resources.

Dyson Sphere program oil

To get hydrogen in the Dyson Sphere program, you need to upgrade your technology tree to unleash the power to build an oil extractor and refinery. These are the Tech Tree upgrades you need to upgrade to, and some additional recommended items:

  • Plasma extract refining: 100 electromagnetic arrays
  • Liquid storage packaging: 50 electromagnetic arrays
  • Improved logistics systems: 100 electromagnetic arrays

Oil extractors should be placed on a crude oil spill. Each one generates a certain amount of crude oil every second. We recommend rotating the building with the R key so that the rear is facing the direction you want the oil to be transported. Pass this to an oil refinery, making sure to give it a sorter at the end to load the crude oil into the refinery.

Conveyor belts transport crude oil to oil refineries to generate hydrogen in the Dyson Sphere program

After that you need to separate the crude oil. Click the oil filter and then click the gear to select the material you want to refine. Choose a refined oil (it’s the brown drop). Mostly this will produce a refined oil, but it also generates one hydrogen mass for every two drops of the refined oil as a by-product.

In order to make your life easier, we recommend that you have one tube going out of the filter, and a single outlet separator that prioritizes the removal of hydrogen or refined oil. Have the two lanes lead to liquid storage tanks to store whatever resources are created.

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Dyson Hydrogen Ambassador program

First things first, you need to open the Energy Matrix formulation on the Tech Tree. Here is the requirement to open the power matrix:

  • Energy Matrix: 200 electromagnetic energy

In order to make an energy matrix, you need to drive the hydrogen you generate to a new matrix lab. Build one on an empty space, customize it to create energy arrays, and lay a path from the hydrogen storage tank to the Matrix Lab. You also need to run the active graphite in the same lab of the matrix. This can be created by mining and smelting coal, but it is also a by-product of X-ray cracking (more on that a little bit).

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Once you have 400 power arrays, we highly recommend investing in upgrading vertical stacking, then building more matrix modulus over your existing ones. This will speed up the generation rate for your power arrays, as well as your Matrix Lab research.

Conveyor belts feed hydrogen into fractionators to convert it into deuterium in the Dyson Sphere program

Effective ways to generate more hydrogen and how to get deuterium

Finally, you likely want a steady flow of hydrogen to fuel your power matrix generation desires, so here are some tips for getting tons of this valuable resource:

  • X-ray cracking allows you to increase oil and hydrogen refining to produce more blocks of hydrogen, as well as a continuous flow of energetic graphite – the other component you need to make energy arrays. We recommend building a dividing path that goes towards both Matrix Plant and Second Oil Refinery.
  • To get more hydrogen it is a good idea to build splitters that lead to the storage tank. 99% of the time the fractionator will produce hydrogen, but 1% of the time it will give you deuterium.
  • When planning oil refineries to refine crude oil, you can have several refineries in series to speed up the hydrogen and refined oil manufacturing process. You can also get a series of sequences to speed up the x-ray cracking.
  • You can also use active graphite from refined oil refining to generate heat generators.

And this is how you get hydrogen in Dyson Sphere. There are a lot of ways to efficiently generate rare resources so stay tuned for more about more complex resources to find in the game.

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