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It Rare for me To play a game I really want to like but a lot of times I can’t stand it. Blue Fire Much like Legend Zelda She crossed a platform and mixed with steadiness Souls-Such as Components. While the level design and motion controls are above average, the game has many annoying issues and design overlooks that pile higher and higher during gameplay. There’s clearly talent and some powerful ideas on display here, but it’s buried under a mountain of surprising disappointments.

Blue Fire Cast you in the role of what I can only describe as a little doll boy. I’m not sure what he is, regardless of the fact that he’s a fiery warrior and shadow part or something like that. The narration relates to a world that has fallen into the shadows and asks a group of gods to defeat an evil queen in order to save Earth. There is a lot of dialog to read and it’s decently written, but the story itself is too general to exist. Regardless, there’s a lot more Zelda in the game. From conversations with ethereal gods plotting long backstories, to cute non-playable characters spreading the flag and side quests, it’s very clear what we’re aiming for here.

This absolute dedication to Zelda Also found in Blue Firestructure. In the beginning, you go to two dungeons that have unique items that give you new abilities. Advance through these dungeons by finding keys to open doors before a boss fight at the end. Only, there are no puzzles in this game. Instead, you’ll jump, dodge obstacles, and run into areas. Once you exit the second dungeon, you will assume there are more, but the game immediately drops them. Instead, it focuses on fighting three bosses who need to be defeated to open the last one. It felt like something was missing, as if there was only part of the game here and we just have to settle for what’s available.

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There is no sunlight

generally, Blue Fire It has mostly acceptable controls. Your character can swing with their swords, block them, use magic attack, and dash at the start of the game. How long you hold the cursor button determines how far you push yourself forward. Combat is an especially simple command that involves pressing the attack button until the enemy dies. You can block enemy attacks and apparently can dodge them. However, I never noticed the ability to do so, even when I blocked as soon as an enemy attack connected. There is nothing essential in combat. Loading screen tips continued to indicate a spin attack, but I never knew how to implement it.

The enemies, who are mostly either humans or floating turrets, are not a mechanical combat challenge. You hit them and move or block when they respond. There is no actual skill or challenge for anything. Blue Fire He tries to get around this by having them do ridiculous amounts of damage. The enemies of the tower are exceptionally terrifying. At times like temple gardens, they attack so quickly and aggressively that it seems virtually impossible to dodge or leave unscathed. Sometimes, I’m stunned to death by these types of attacks with little refuge. It’s as if the areas were very easy to reach, being breached by increased speed and damage. It feels terrible.

Presidents work similarly. The two dungeon leaders confronted with jokes – you go up and hit them until they die. Later on, though, the employers got madly frustrated. Some of them fly through the air and you’ll need to awkwardly release them while jumping in order to stay alive. But the fights are about the pits that hurt when you fall into them. Meanwhile, it’s not uncommon for you to fall into a hole and get instantly damaged by the boss or be in danger for the fraction of a second you’re back in. Blue Fire It’s full of things like this where there is a severe lack of insight regarding how things work. One boss was tough only because you had to avoid rotating the blades that barely give you enough time to heal. Combat is one of the many things that feel unexplored.

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The goal is the soul

Cure in Blue Fire It works by generating captures such as Estus Flasks. You can also find more by smashing things or defeating enemies. The base currency is the ore that you oddly get from breaking the aforementioned things. But you need a lot of them to buy anything or unlock game save points. This means that you will need to grow ore by breaking things down for a while. If you die, you drop all of your ore and can pick it up again by finding the location of your death. Sometimes at least. Death often made my death drop disappear. I literally can’t think of any reason to copy and paste this mechanic here. It is pointless. One of the bosses also caused the game to close repeatedly on repost. This forced me to restart the program over and over.

Health is in the heart containers, which you can increase by completing the individual platform challenges denoted by the statues. These are reminiscent of the old school’s stages Super Mario Sunshine And for Blue FireIt is often healthy. But sometimes they are terrible. One particularly terrible challenge was difficult, not because of the reflexes it required, but because the camera made it impossible to see. The camera often makes it impossible to see everything you need, which takes a lot of faith. If you ever fall during these challenges, you have to start over from the beginning. Some of them are unbearable, even if the game’s mix of jumping and dashing is responsive, accurate and can be very fun.

But often the platforms are spaced in a way that requires you to jump perfectly or fall into a hole. One of these appeared before one of the three boss battles that opened up the final boss battle. Landing many of these jumps often appears to be due to luck, as they are often a long way off unless you have the proper power units equipped. You can equip spirits that can help build you, but many of them either require obnoxious amounts of grinding or are difficult to find. Nobody can accuse Blue Fire Of imperfection when it comes to the enormous breadth of things stacked in it, but it all feels like extruded and inconspicuous.

Talking channel

Filler for filler

Game world in Blue Fire It’s not particularly large, and most players will likely finish the game in about 10 hours or so, depending on how much side content they do. The game looks promising at first before the design randomly changes priorities. One of the three bosses who act as prerequisites for the final boss is reached in a way that feels natural, and is a byproduct of exploring the game’s world. The other two require a backtrack. The worst of it is the four blue containers that open up a boss. I didn’t even know how to get the ingredient that would allow you to interact with it. You just have to ignore it and ignore it until you somehow know that the necessary NPC character is now pinned to a certain person, which gives you the said item.

Once you obtain it, you will need to collect a bunch of items scattered throughout the areas that you have already explored. It’s obvious stuffing to listen to Sword toward the skyThere is no need to revisit the old areas. And I think that’s overpriced Blue Fire Well. Many of the game components are intact, but the design is ubiquitous and poorly focused. When combined with a massive amount of design issues and game flow issues we’re left with a very frustrating, confusing, and uneven game that desperately needed some re-planning. There are things I like about them, but they are not worth it Time or money.

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