The Nioh 2 update provides cross-save management before PC launch and PS5 launch

Developer Team Ninja has released a new update to Nioh 2 ahead of its release PC And the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Release. With the update, developers have added shared archive management for PS4 To the PS5. Read also – Tech news today: Samsung Galaxy S21 launched, Xiaomi blacklisted, Vaio laptops launched

This will allow PS4 users to upload their game data, save it to the cloud, and access it on the PS5 by downloading it and vice versa using the PlayStation Network account itself. Aside from compatibility, the update also brings lots of bug fixes and other improvements. Read also – Sony PlayStation 5: No pre-order Round 2 in India

Nioh 2 is an RPG set in the late 16th century. The game revolves around the main character, Hide (pronounced He-dai) and his journey through the Sengoku Era era. Hide is a half-human and half-supernatural Yokai warrior who has to explore violent Sengoku era Japan and a deadly dark world full of demons. Also read – Sony PlayStation 5 India pre-orders finish faster than Xbox Series X; How can you book now?

With the update, users will also be able to transfer their prizes earned on PS4 to PS5, along with all other achievements players have unlocked so far.

Balance changes include the continuous attack counter for bosses including Nue, Shuten Doji, and Otakemaru. Other bug fixes include special effects, Guardian Spirit actions, and Onmyo Magic not activating when Purified or Sanctity Talisman appears.

Nioh 2 Remastered – Full Release Release Date

Team Ninja will release the game as Nioh 2 Remastered – Full Edition on PS5 and Nioh 2 – Full Edition for PC and PS4 on February 5. This will also include the Nioh collection, which will launch on the same regular day. Toy.

Nioh 2 is currently available on Amazon for PS4 for 2,350 rupees in India. The company has yet to reveal pricing for the PS5 and PC game.

Nioh 2 update patch notes

The company announced the release of the update on Twitter Along with the details of all the patch notes, which you can look at below.

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