Should you play Wayne Rooney Premium SBC in FIFA 21? Classic card at a good price

Wayne Rooney receives Premium SBC in FIFA 21, A 91st ranking card with 95 launch. English, in the tournament (ultimately faltering Derby County play / management) and available for around 400K, this card is good value for money. The card celebrates Wayne Rooney’s career and is well worth doing for nostalgia or grandmother value if any.

I waited to write this review until I had a few more matches under my belt with Rooney, and it was worth it. Even though his dribbling stats aren’t amazing – he only has 80 credits – the card is still pretty on the ball. It was the card’s only problem area at first glance, and it wasn’t a problem.

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Otherwise, Rooney’s stats are impressive. Has 4-star, 4-star, and medium to high job rates. With excellent physical abilities, shooting and dribbling, he can play front or more in center. Here’s a closer look at the stats thanks to FUTBIN:

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The area that really stands out is the shooting. With 90+ in every stat, this card does just about anything, including some pretty crazy shots out of the box and great curling tools. You can outrun the 4-star weak foot because everything else works so well.

The dribbling stats and Bruni’s fitness are great, too. Even though the card only contains 80 credits, the 99 balance and other high dribbling stats make up for it. Even Stocky body type doesn’t hold Ronnie too much in the box.

Physicality is another area where this card excels. Dribbling and turning in the box just got simpler with Runic power of 90 and 91 aggressions. He will also fight to get the ball back at the edge of the penalty area.

Is the card worth 400 thousand? Well, it is a special type of card that celebrates the entire player’s career. Although difficult to link – being in the tournament – it’s still an English card and you can associate it with icons.

For the money you get a very good card. When you consider that the Harry Kane’s Halloween card is still around 1.5 million coins, this Rooney is a no-brainer if you are looking for a great English striker.

This is also a period of FIFA 21 where you can craft cards with Goals, SBC Challenges, and upgrade packs. If you can get this card for less than 400K, it’s an absolute bargain and a good deal from EA. Probably better than any TOTY content …

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