Fall Guys Season 3.5 update is now available to mix things up in a number of ways

Mediatonic clearly loved its moment in the spotlight last summer when Fall guys Take the gaming world by storm. The game is an explosion of deception, but the enthusiasm subsided as players began to identify shortcomings in the game’s design and limited content options. The developers have noted this and have worked hard to scale up operations in response to the resounding success of the Jelly Bean Royal. The first three seasons They added new levels, costumes, and gameplay improvements Fall guys, But Mediatonic I decided to press in Big update for Season 3.5 for more metrics.

The mid-season update is available today, and it almost adds up to the amount of content we had in the entire first season. This appears as an indication of how Mediatonic is growing as a company, and we are excited to see our future development goals. For today’s update, let’s dive into the details.

Why be contented while you can have more

Season Update 3.5 introduces Snowball Survival Round, 40+ Round Remixes, new skins, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements. For starters, Snowball Survival challenges jelly beans to make their way through a snowstorm of snowballs. And by snowballs we mean giant snowballs that will crush you. Meanwhile, you have to worry about the floor disappearing. Good luck with that.

Fall Guys Season 3.5 update

Snowball survival stage.

Once you are ready to venture beyond the craze of the new stage, you can discover more than 40 redistrictions. Apparently by trial and error. Mediatonic was careful not to let too many details slip through, but let the video do some talking. As you can see, you will fall and swing in new directions as you seek to relearn previous stages in the various variables. If that’s enough to get you excited again about the game, you can also check out the new Sugar Plum skin pack. It’s the latest new way to look unique, but you can also expect Godzilla, Sonic, and Random Goose Game skins to return.

A better life for your pills

We also mentioned that there are bug fixes and gameplay improvements included in Fall guys Season Update 3.5. Check out the new Kill Feed feature to see if your friends or enemies have met their fate. And since you already have enough to worry about during the actual gameplay, you should forget about the following issues in previous versions. The Hex-A-Gon and Freezy Peak mechanics should now function as intended. Issues with crashes and freezes have been resolved. You will also notice better frames per second at certain levels. The game itself should look better now, as some of the post-processing effects weren’t working as intended, making the game look lackluster.

There are a few references in Correction Notes, While you can also see a Official blog post On the Fall guys Season Update 3.5.

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