Details of Bungie next season of Chosen for Destiny 2

For Destiny 2 Players, things are about to get a lot more active on February 9th. Bungie announced The arrival of the chosen seasonThe next big chapter for a space shooter. With the changes made to the usual formula, we hope your guardians have a different experience this time. After all, if you don’t enjoy shooting enemies bent on ending the world, then what’s the point? The chosen season will bring new activities to Destiny 2 While Bungie continues her story.

The main title is Battlegrounds. This new three-player activity will face off against the Kabal. This special legion of troops is under the command of Empress Cayatel, who also happens to be the daughter of Kalus. Since it is a matching activity, we hope it sees more players trying to get out of the mode.

There will also be three new hits, although two might look familiar. Devil’s Lair and Fallen SABER strikes will return from match one. A new Proving Grounds strike will follow at a later time. Guardian games are back, too.

Ingrams are everywhere

As part of the chosen season Destiny 2Bungie has promised a lot of booty. More than 25 weird and legendary weapons and rituals will be ready to grab this season. If you are looking for Ticuu’s new exotic bow divination, be sure to jump in. The bow is part of the scroll bonuses for Season 13. As far as perks, you can charge multiple solar arrows that will follow your target to death.

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Unfortunately, there will be no new Destiny 2 Crucible or maneuver maps in the chosen season. It’s been a long time since Gambit mode has been refreshed, while Crucible has always been able to do more Deathfields.

As Bungie previously shared, Season of the Chosen One will be Change how you progress in Destiny 2. Earning XP and Bright Dust will be easier, as weekly challenges replace the old rewards system.

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