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Are you trying to find the best M82 gear on Warzone? The Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone It has stayed the same for some time now, but it looks like things may change. 50 caliber sniper rifle M82 is starting to make some waves in the Call of Duty community as players begin to experience more Call of Duty Cold War Guns.

Cold War weapons were introduced at the start of Season 1 and were largely ignored due to the overwhelming power of DMR 14. Users of M82 tactical rifles may prefer traditional sniper rifles such as Kar98k Or the Best Download LW3 Tundra Warzone – The M82 is semi-automatic which makes shooting enemies more forgiving when shooting from a distance.

The M82 gives you the power of a sniper rifle with the control of a tactical rifle. Landing one shot to the head will hit the enemy, and you have at least four more bullets to eliminate the rest of the group. If you want to learn to use Warzone’s sniper rifles, the M82 is a great way to learn without getting penalized with reloads.


The best gear of the Warzone M82 is:

  • Suppressor wrapped
  • 22.6 “Combat Recon
  • Royal & Cross 4x
  • 7 p
  • Peabody

The coated silencer increases the damage range of the M82 and gives the sniper rifle a mute in every shot. This comes at the cost of gait stability on the weapon’s target, but you shouldn’t move when you are aiming with this sniper rifle anyway. It’s worth noting that blocking the sound from the jacketed piston may keep you off the radar, but your footage will still be audible.

The stock version of this weapon fires very slowly, which is a useless feature of a sniper rifle. Fortunately, this can be fixed by attaching a 22.6 Combat Recon barrel which greatly increases the bullet’s velocity. There are other barrels that also increase bullet velocity, but none is as effective as the 22.6 Combat Recon.

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Just like the LW3 Tundra, this Cold War sniper rifle does not produce a flare sparkle when outfitted with a Royal & Kross 4x scope. This can be very useful in Verdansk because your enemies won’t know which direction to shoot from. The 4x scope is ideal for shooting at medium to long distances which should be easy to do thanks to upgrades from the Rrapped Suppressor and 22.6 “Combat Recon” barrel.

You can increase the magazine size on the M82 by equipping 7 Rnd. Having two additional shots per clip can be useful during battles, and the only minor drawback is the slightly longer reload time. There are 9 magazines, but they have negative effects that severely affect the performance of the weapon. Finally, the underbarrel bipod attachment helps mitigate some of the recoil when shooting from the range.

As with any sniper rifle gear, you should try to pair this weapon with an SMG pistol or assault rifle that can protect you at close range. The Best gear AK74u It’s an excellent choice because it controls most weapons within 20 meters – anything beyond that range is best suited for the M82. Another strong option is Best FFAR Download Which appears to be a popular choice among the Call of Duty community right now.

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