Activision confirms Call of Duty: Warzone uses “ internal anti-fraud software ” with 300,000 bans so far

Activision wants Call of Duty: Warzone players to know that it takes the game’s major cheating issue seriously. This is the message behind the New blog post From the publisher after weeks of player complaints demanding cheating suppression. Plus confirmation The ban wave today for more than 60,000 accounts, Activision stated that Warzone already has its “in-house anti-fraud program”.

This might seem obvious to a massive game with millions of players, but Activision hasn’t said much before today. We know who Update Back in April 2020, security teams worked 24/7 to detect and crush new cheats, but Warzone doesn’t use any third-party anti-cheat software (like BattleEye or Easy Anti-Cheat) as many other multiplayer games do. This fact made the players Skeptical Of Activision’s ability to tackle malware, especially as Warzone cheat has become prolific in recent months. We now know Activision has chosen a path similar to what Riot Games did with Valorant, developing its own anti-cheat program.

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