Would you like to build a computer now? Intel’s Core i5 10600K dropped to $ 230

Some 10th-gen Intel processors, which are based on Comet Lake-S, are so discounted right now that a strong case can be made for building a gaming PC around one of them rather than waiting for the newer silicon to arrive. One of them is Intel Core i5 10600KB. It is for sale $ 229.99, Best Buy, Down from $ 279.99 (save $ 50).

Intel is definitely on the verge of launching its 11th generation processors based on Rocket Lake-SAnd AMD has already launched the Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3) series, although it is in short supply. Both are attractive options, but only if you are willing to wait. If you need to build a PC right now, the Core i5 10600K is a solid option for the money.

In stock and ready to rock

Intel Core i5 10600K | 6 cores | 12 threads | 4.8GHz Max Turbo | $ 279.99 $ 229.99 at Best Buy (Save $ 50)
The Core i5 10600K delivers solid gaming performance in line with AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X, at a much cheaper price with this bargain.
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