New Vegas mod The Frontier is available for download again

Players waited for what seemed to be eras for The Frontier mod Fallout: New Vegas To release him, but his arrival was bittersweet. One of the obnoxious people involved in the project put a huge black mark on the Department of Defense’s reputation recently by adding illegal content related to child sex. The team responded Had to withdraw immediately The Frontier from Nexus Mods, which has left many wondering what will happen next. Fortunately, The Frontier mod is again available for Drops Fans to download and enjoy, after removing all inappropriate content. The team is also doing its best to manage the situation.

Project Leader I posted a response today Regarding the incident, they confirmed their position on the former artist involved in the controversy. Tgspy revealed that the team’s logic in pulling a mod temporarily is to perform an immediate purge of the content attributed to the artist. ZuTheSkunk is the artist in question, and players will discover that they are no longer given credit for their work on The Frontier. Meanwhile, the team implemented placeholder content for everything Zu contributed. It will eventually provide new talent to replace the assets.

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there. Several other members of the team decided to distance themselves from the situation. Likewise, they requested that their contributions be removed. This leaves the amendment in an unfortunate state of incomplete, but all in good ethical practice. No one wants to be associated with such disgusting behavior, so their desires must be respected.

Stop, drop, and roll

Tgspy also mentioned that the team has removed many other controversial aspects of the situation, as it relates to slavery. This content was not associated with ZuTheSkunk, but was deemed a necessary review in light of other controversy. It’s unclear why these lines of dialogue got into the game in the first place. Perhaps this was simply due to a lack of oversight given the mod’s massive range.

Anyway, the Frontier mod for Fallout: New Vegas Not an advantage So many cool things It might be worth a look. If the team can get past these issues, it can still hold back as one of the best Drops Modification. Could you Check out the mod For yourself in Nexus Mods and keep up with updates there.

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