IO Interactive confirms Hitman 3 DLC is on its way

With th Assassin The World of Assassination Trilogy finally ends Fight 3, IO Interactive is moving on to new things like brand new James Bond Game. This by itself can become a file Triple on its ownBut that doesn’t mean Agent 47 is close to retirement yet. In an interview with The playerForest Swartout Large, executive producer, confirmed that the DLC for Fight 3 coming. What form will this big question take?

DLC for Assassin Privilege is nothing new, and it looks like the latest entry won’t be an exception. Developers are looking into their options, but don’t expect new maps or the like. Instead, the team at IO Interactive tends to look at and reimagine existing maps. Now that the triple is complete, that means they have more to play with now.

Kabir also triggered the return of the bald-headed killer at some point, with the future after that Fight 3 Its DLC is still under discussion. That should come as no surprise to fans, especially given the recent reception.

The commercial and critical success has dictated that Assassin The series must continue at some point, even after 20 years. For fans of the franchise, this is nothing but good news all around.

Io Interactive Confirms Hitman 3 Dlc Is On The Way (1)

Plans are underway

Aside from DLC not specified for Fight 3And the We also know Elusive Targets will return to the game in the future. The formula will not be the same, and it remains to be seen how the command changes IO. Reimagining the levels will definitely help to update things, and it is not difficult to see the possibilities that lie ahead.

However, Agent 47 isn’t going to step into the dark anytime soon. With more DLC for Fight 3 Coming and a bright future, albeit a distant one, the franchise is at the fore in IO Interactive’s next steps.

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