Factorio 1.1 allows for flipping the beautiful scheme, and other quality-of-life changes

The release clearly didn’t stop the vast and sprawling beauty of Facturo From growth, the just-released patch 1.1 is packed full of flashes that make the game easier than ever. Among the updates is the Heart Charts feature, a long-awaited fantasy for Factorio fans. You can only … face. It’s nice. We also have nifty things like smart conveyor belt construction, multi-threading conveyors, all-new train interface, and control tricks Spidertron robots.

When Factorio came out last year, the Wube Software developers said they wanted to complete the game’s feature set so they could polish everything up before adding more, which is definitely what they did here. The smart belt construction is great
An example of some subtle change is letting the belts automatically rotate to track the pointer and automatically go underground below the obstacles. These types of UI improvements are not only helpful, they are something that makes the game more easy for casual players to learn.

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