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Welcome to the wonderful world of Stellaris Mods. If you think hopping over 2000+ Amendment of the Crusader Kings II It was easy, or that 4000 or so EU4 modification It wasn’t daunting enough then we have a bigger challenge for you. Stellaris, a paradox The grand strategy 4X Adventure featuring a whole galaxy of More than 19,000 mods. This game seems to give way to more user-generated content than its predecessors, both of which are close to the dual lifetime of Stellaris but with a much smaller mod scene.

Correctly charting the course for these brightest stars while avoiding wasting time on buggy or cute black holes is essential for anyone wanting to extend the Stellaris experience. As we have done on other modification recommendations, modifications are generally divided into categories. In this case, we considered total conversion adjustments, mechanics adjustments, ‘immersion’ adjustments, and finally cosmetic.

As usual, most modification options are subjective, so use this guide as a way of how to look for mods rather than specifying which mods to get although we did our best to look at what some of our current favorites are.

Best Stellaris Mod

These are the best Stellaris adaptations:

  • Star Trek: New Frontiers (Total Transfer)
  • Republic of SW Fallen (total conversion)
  • AlphaMod 2.3 (Total Conversion)
  • Dynamic political events (immersion)
  • Deities and guardians (immersion)
  • Improved space battles (Mechanics)
  • Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris (Facelift)
  • Astrological Logo Pack (Cosmetics)
  • Beautiful Universe 2.0 (cosmetic)
  • Planetary diversity (cosmetics)
  • UI Overhaul 1080p Plus (Cosmetic)

Let’s take a quick survey of the major segments in the Stellaris mod galaxy.

Star Trek: New Horizons

Perhaps the most initial (and most common) adaptation of today is this subtle and pure total conversion of the Star Trek universe to Stellaris. Star Trek: New Horizons It contains everything from graphic adjustments to a neat Star Trek galaxy. An entire fleet of real ships is reproduced with components modified to match.

Races, Events and even UI will reflect this full immersion experience in the franchise. Not only major races are available, but even some remote and mysterious empires are ready for the player to make a galaxy-scale invasion or peaceful co-op in his own league. This is the gold standard on Total Conversions and are encouraged to read all the features on their Paradox forum to see just how comprehensive this mod is.

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As a side note, if someone wonders if there is a Star Wars equivalent to this amazing mode, the same team behind ST: NH has joined the team behind the Star Wars: Galaxy Divided mod to create a whole new diversion experience from a far, far away galaxy. It’s called “Star Wars: Fallen Republic” and it’s available Here.

New Horizons is compatible with Stellaris 2.8.x

The Star Wars destroyer is in the foreground, with other destroyers in the background.  Laser firing.

SW Fallen Republic

We can’t have a Star Trek mod without throwing some love on Star Wars, too. SW Fallen Republic It is an excellent ‘scientific accurate’ transforming overall mod (though I don’t even know which point) and features more than 1,300 accurate star systems, over 40 playable factions and 140 types of ships from the Star Wars universe.

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The team put a lot of work into making this Star Wars experience as authentic as possible, even tweaking the way the super-line mechanics work, locking in unknown areas until you go explore. Yuuzhan Vong is also introduced as an endgame crunch, which is a pretty cool hit. Every strategy game these days seems to have a Star Wars style, but few are designed for this level of quality and detail.

Compatible with Stellaris 2.8.x.

AlphaMod 2.7

This mod itself is considered an “unofficial expansion” for Stellaris, and this mod seeks to advance the in-game universe to an entirely different level. Foods Adds buildings, mechanics, ship types, components, resources, policies, government types, etc.provided to the player. This is the only store if one wants to stay in the world of Stellaris but not in the basic ‘vanilla’ experience.

The benefit of a comprehensive modification like this is that all of the components are guaranteed to work together toward a common, balanced experience. While the latest release is still in alpha stages (no pun intended), hours and hours can be enjoyed over Stellaris’ previous corrections. Waiting for more features to appear online is worth it for a more complete game experience.

Version 2.8 Compatible – There are also other mods for previous versions of the game.

Dynamic political events

Sometimes all someone wants is to be able to experience the life force behind the ultimate mechanics of the Stellaris engine. As such, the Dynamic political events The mod tries to bring a level of character to the game by introducing the delicious political drama into the daily life of the galactic empire administration. While linking events to a specific ethic, it also ensures that the events are customized according to one’s choices helping to immerse the player in the beating heart of their own space civilization.

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They have entered into a partnership with another ministry called Potential Events 2.0, And the two have been balanced to work well together, if you want to enhance the experience even further. Fully compatible with all versions.

Gods and Guardians

It comes from the mind that brought you Alphamud a strange little mod that completely develops interactions with the primordial realms. From appearing as arrogant gods or loyal guardians, to sending out mysterious stacked stones to direct the blossoming soul of a new civilization (Strauss’s Braid), Gods & Guardians mod Is a perfect little addition to help the player have more fun with this strategy game sandbox. Would you set a first directive or enslave lesser breeds? This mode allows you to fully decide on interesting events to guide you.

Compatible with version 2.8 but there are variants of earlier versions.

Improved space battles (set)

A group of different modifications It improves the balance in space battles as well as adding tons of new ships and super weapons. Really necessary set for additional definition in Stellaris battle mechanics. According to its description (and my experience with it), ISB aims to adjust technology modifiers and engagement logic so that more “strategic wars” are possible during mid-game while preparing the final game of massive fleet versus fleet movement. In my playing periods for this mode, the crises of the final game become forces to be reckoned with.

There is now a 2.7.x compatible version, as well as older versions of 2.3 and 2.4 / 5.

Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris

Our resident strategy expert Joe is a passionate fan of the Halo universe, and you may have heard him talk about a particular modification of the space RTS / 4X hybrid Sins of a Solar Empire. Titled Sins of the Prophets, it is a comprehensive mod that adds luminosity to the Halo universe to the game, and the development team behind this mod has created something similar to Stellaris.

SotP: Stellaris At the time of writing, it was just a bundle of ship skin, basically, but the team hinted that once the specific feature of the game stabilizes, they might consider a more overhaul. For now, enjoy taking UNSC ships or themed ships into battle. The team also added native support for other modifications with a combat character in space.

Fully compatible with version 2.8.x

UI Overhaul 1080p Plus

Sometimes, what you need is not to incorporate a big change in the mechanics but a slight improvement when it comes to the interface, and UI Overhaul 1080p Plus It does exactly that. If you work at higher resolutions, this will give you a better, sharper custom styler, bigger outlines, and using them won’t hinder the achievements.

Compatible up to 2.8.x

Planetary diversity

A prime example of cosmetic alterations that take a life of their own. Planetary diversity Planting the galaxy with thirty new types of planets also brings overall mechanical changes to the game that touch on other types of mod. This is one of the visual improvements that also drastically changes how the game is played making it a great game.

Compatible with 2.8.x.

Beautiful Universe 2.0.1 update

“They should have sent a poet.” A pretty trivial word to describe the experience of this pose that adds actual images of the space to enhance the visual experience of the individual. Compatible with any other mod, This is a must For enjoyment and a better visual experience than reading Insufficient Description to try this mode. It may not be compatible with the latest version.

Assured compatibility up to 2.8.

Astrological Logo Pack

From Block Effect to Sand Dunes to Total Annihilation to Half Life to Star Trek and Star Wars; Fantasy, historical and original logos are now available for your empire. Compatible with Iron Man and Multiplayer, this allows the player to add that extra single feature to his game. Get it here.

How to modify STELLARIS

For those new to mods, changing the base game has never been easier thanks to Steam Workshop: simply subscribe to the mod you want and it will download automatically in the Stellaris player.

Check if the mod is up to date with the latest Stellaris patch. Once a new expansion is released, you may have to wait a few days, weeks, or even months (for larger adjustments), for the mod to be updated. Also, each tweak in the side menu will tell you if it requires specific DLC content.

Still want to play this favorite mod but Stellaris’ latest update is spoiling your save game? You can always roll back the Stellaris version to continue your campaign.

Check if the mods you selected are compatible with other mods you downloaded. This information is usually found on the each mod page because it usually lists the modifications that they can turn on.

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For very large edits to Steam, you can usually find their pages on the Irony Forums Find instructions on how to install from there. You can also search Google for a large mod wiki to find instructions.

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