Apex Legends Season 8: New Character, Map, Gun, and More

Entertainment repost Will take off Apex Legends Season 8, titled Mayhem, tomorrow, which is February 2. The company hasn’t given us a specific time for the release, however, it is expected to drop sometime in the evening. Also read – Apex Legends mobile version is coming soon

There is a lot of hype surrounding the launch of Season 8 as it will include a new character, “Spectacular New Legend Fuse”, Huge Redesigned King’s Canyon Map, New Weapon, Legend Fans, Matchmaking Changes, Ranked Gameplay and more. Also read – Star Wars: Squadrons announced by EA, a trailer released

Apex Legends Season 8: What’s New

Apex Legends Season 8 will introduce a new weapon for the first time since Season Six. This would be a new semi-automatic heavy weapon, which would be called the 30-30 Repeater. The new weapon will fire faster than the Longbow but slower than the G7, while maintaining the G7’s drop number. It will also have the ability to charge and will allow each shot to do approximately 35 percent more damage. Also read – Apex Legends developers think crossplay is important, but there’s no news on it yet

Electronic Arts (EA) That, with the arrival of Fuse, King’s Canyon map will be greatly reshaped. Also, Salvo’s attempt to kill Fuse for betraying the planet by joining guilds obliterates King’s Canyon. This will also indicate the return of King’s Canyon map, which has been absent for most of Season 7, due to players’ complaints about balance issues.

Respawn also announced that ranked points (RP) will now be distributed to the top 13 of the match instead of the top ten. The assist time window will also be increased from 7 seconds to 10 seconds. Aside from these changes, there will be improvements to matchmaking as well.

Diamond Tracks will also return at the end of Season 8. The Rampart Tactical Wall will now have HP during construction, helping not to be destroyed in the middle of construction. On the other hand, Wraith will get the Hitbox mod.

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