The latest PUBG Mobile India update January 28, 2021 is that Tencent PUBG Mobile may be permanently banned in India with the TikTok app

The Indian government again in September implemented a ban on PUBG Mobile Under Section 69A of IT Act. Explains why the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) announced that the app is engaged in activities affecting the sovereignty, integrity, defense and security of the country. Also read – FAU-G surpasses 5 million downloads on Google Play Store and becomes the best free gaming app

PUBG Corporation has since revoked the Indian distribution rights for the game from Tencent Toys. It set up an Indian subsidiary, indicating that the game will soon return in a new avatar dubbed PUBG Mobile India. However, it now appears that the game may never return. Also read – FAU-G Top 5 Things to Know: How to Download, Modes, Language Support, and More

Recently, MeitY Inform all necessary parties, including PUBG Corporation, about the ban on the game. According to a report from IGN India, The game may never return to the country, not even in censored form. Citing sources familiar with the PUBG Mobile mode, the report stated that there were “no plans to unblock” the game. “The authorities are not stupid, even if publishing tasks change, game development still exists in China,” and “the whole exercise looks like putting lipstick on a pig.” Also read – First impressions FAU-G: This is not a PUBG Mobile competitor, but it does have some potential

However, another source cited in the report expressed optimism, saying that PUBG Corporation currently does not have “the right team in place yet to speak to the government.” He still hopes that discussions between PUBG Corporation and the Indian government will begin by March or April, as we see Indian esports teams participate in international tournaments by the second half of the year.

As a reminder, MeitY stated in response to two previous RTI requests that it “does not grant permission to start any websites, mobile applications or service”. She also said that the ban on PUBG Mobile has not been lifted and will not be removed until and unless all concerns raised by the Indian government are addressed.

As of now, PUBG Mobile India It stands in recession and the position of the Indian government is unclear. Given the complex scenario, it is difficult to comment on whether or not the game will return.

The only thing we can do so far is wait and listen to developments from the Indian government or from the PUBG Corporation.

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