Destiny 2’s upcoming season features weekly challenges and more bounce

For players of Bungie’s Destiny 2There are certain elements of the game that I’m used to. However, it’s not always a good idea for developers to stick to a proven formula. As such, people at Bungie are always looking for Ways to improve Players experience. In a fresh effort to combat bounty fatigue, Bungie will exchange the weekly rewards with Weekly Challenges for Destiny 2 In the new season.

The news comes across the most recent This week in Bungie Blog post. Dylan Jaffner, Senior Community Manager, stated that the theme for the weekly grants will be no more. Instead, the weekly challenges will arrive Destiny 2. Consider modification to be Destiny 2The season version passes weekly challenges.

Each week of the new season will feature three to ten new challenges that players have to overcome. Content will last for approximately 10 weeks of the new season.

Daily rewards will still be a thing, but new ones Destiny 2 Hopefully, the weekly challenges give players more freedom in how to enjoy the game. Additionally, it will give players more chances to earn Bright Dust. A completed bonus will give you 4000 units of in-game currency. Completing various objectives will save 10,000 shining dust to your problems.

Destiny 2's upcoming season features weekly challenges and more rebounds (1)

Shake things up

New weekly challenges in Destiny 2 It won’t be the only change. As the game moves into the crossover zone, keeping things fair will be on the minds of those in Bungie. The development update mentions the increased recoil of some weapons that will be strictly applied to mouse and keyboard players. If you enjoy precision and gun control on PC, just know that things will change in the near future. However, it remains to be seen whether this is a change embraced by society as a whole.

This wraps up his most recent change, although Bungie always has more ideas in the oven. Weekly challenges instead of grants in Destiny 2 It is only a small part of what could be a completely different future for the game.

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