Microsoft Flight Simulator’s next big update is again delayed

A few weeks ago, Asobo announced that its next big update to Microsoft Flight SimulatorGlobal Update 3, coming out soon. That release was scheduled for mid-January, but here we are in the last few days of the month and it’s MIA (and I’m not talking about Miami International). It was first postponed last week, but another delay has now been announced.

When will it be cleared to take off? Asobo is now shooting to deliver the update between February 9 and 11 – two weeks from now. While this announcement of the delay is unfortunate, the developer has at least thrown in at least some new details about what we can expect to find. This comes via the most recent Microsoft Flight Simulator – Development Update – January 28, 2021 release.

New day in the UK

World Update 3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator It will focus on improving the landscape across the UK. This will include five new scanning cities that have not been previously announced: Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Bristol. For starters, photogrammetry cities are cities that have custom 3D satellite images, allowing for a fairly accurate 3D representation of the ocean. This is a step up from the autogen scene currently found across the UK (and most of the world in the Microsoft Flight Simulator).

It was work in these cities that caused the initial delay, indicating that this is likely to be the reason for a second setback now.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Asobo London Photogrammetry World update 3

View the new London mapping survey data.

In addition to the aforementioned cities that received a major upgrade, there will now be five new handcrafted airports that have been “meticulously” recreated. These include Barra, Liverpool, The Lands End, Manchester Barton and Out Skries. Another 85 airports in the region are also receiving smaller upgrades in the form of visual and logical improvements, to make them more accurate.

Across the UK, virtual pilots will benefit from improved digital altitude data. This helped create 80 new Points of Interest (POI): Faithfully recreated natural structures and points in-game. A list of these points has not been revealed yet, however, there are a few that have been revealed such as Forth Bridges, Blarney Castle, and Windsor Castle. It’s also worth noting that last week’s development update for Microsoft Flight Simulator It mentioned 70 important points, so Asobo has subtly announced that there will be 10 additional items included in the next update.

Stunning views

Asobo also used this week’s update to release another video in Microsoft Flight Simulator – Partnership Chain Group. The latest video shows the work of ORBX, a popular studio for aviation enthusiasts. ORBX has developed some premium products for consumer simulations over the years, most notably their work in creating landscapes. The studio prides itself on its ability to create very authentic virtual transfers for airports, and significant improvements to the landscape. Hence, it is not surprising that it is now working alongside Asobo.

It’s not just ORBX continues to produce high-quality views of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, But it also creates a new utility called Volanta.

Volanta is described as a “personal flight tracker” that will allow simulators to track flights across all major simulators. It will also present challenges and stats for airplanes, airports, roads, and more. Volanta will be free, although there will be more complex features that will only be paid. No release date has been announced yet, although there is an ongoing beta by invitation only – just like Microsoft Flight Simulator Itself before it was launched.

More is coming

While Asobo has its full hand with the upcoming global update 3, there are more new additions planned Microsoft Flight Simulator During the remainder of 2021. Some of the projects initiated and scheduled for release this year include things like adding restart functions, improving mountain terrain, repairing the Garmin G1000 / 3000 GPS, and improving autopilot functionality, to name a few. DirectX12 support It also comes to PC players along with an Microsoft Flight Simulator On Xbox Series X | S scheduled for summer 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Baron in the Bahamas

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