Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a free game that can be kept on Steam for a limited time

When Fallout 4 was released, there were tons of YouTube videos showing what could happen, for example, Face 1,000 Synths 50 Super Mutant Behemoths. The answers to these types of questions are extremely important, which is why we play on the PC. It didn’t take long for a game to be released that was about piling hordes of AI against each other: Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

It’s basically a sandbox about creating incredible skirmishes. There is a plethora of different units to choose from, everything from actual medieval soldiers to chickens (anyone who has played Zelda knows chickens have beaten Difficult). you did not The review is really good at launch, But if that convinces you not to try the game, you can try it now: It’s currently free on Steam.

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