The Fuse Trailer gives a first look at the explosive new character arriving in Apex Legends Season 8

as it is Apex Legends Traditionally, a new character is added at the start of each season. This time, for the eighth season, the character is called Fuse. Keen of explosives, lover of 1980s rock, and a national icon of Australia in the Return‘s Battle royaleFuse has some interesting capabilities.

Season 8 starts on February 2 and is likely to start around the same time as last season, around 06:00 GMT.

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You can check out the full character trailer below to see for yourself:

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First, take a closer look at Fuse’s capabilities. This is the first time he’s seen Fuse in action, and it looks like his abilities can be very powerful, even if he doesn’t have as much maneuverability as Horizon.

Fuse’s passive ability allows to stack two grenades – just like the game was before, between Season 0 and Season 3 – and it comes with a grenade launcher on Fuse’s robotic arm. This will allow the Fuse to be fired more accurately and with greater accuracy.

Tactical Fuse is a concussion fragmentation grenade that fires over a small area. This would likely be the first stun / flash ability in the game and it could be quite powerful, depending on how Respawn decided to implement it. There isn’t much information in the trailer about its effect on the affected player.

Finally, his Ultimate (which appears to have a two-minute slowdown period) releases an explosive into the air that then detonates to form a blazing ring of fire. If it’s timed well alongside Horizon Ultimates or one of the last AOE ultimates (Bang, Gibby), this could also be quite powerful.

The trailer also shows Fuse’s few possible finishing touches and plenty of lines of his voice. It also looks like his music will have a heavy didgerido theme, which sounds like a big buzz.

Season 8 begins February 2 and Fuse isn’t the only new addition. The new weapon, the heavy refined 30-30, performs a bit like the G7 Scout with more damage and a lower rate of fire. King’s Canyon has also received some big changes, including improving lighting to get rid of that red pigment.

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Apex Legends is also celebrating its second anniversary in February, so there is likely to be an upcoming event with new cosmetics, challenges, and extra legacy. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

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