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What is that? An atmospheric action adventure with a bayonet with a hook
Expect to pay $ 15 / £ 13.49
Developer Thomas Olson / Skeleton Crew Studio
publisher Devolver Digital
Reviewed at Intel i5-6600K / Nvidia GeForce 1070/16 GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link Official site

Dog hooks are a fun Rosetta stone. Let’s stop being shy about saying that every game should have one (although all games should have one), but it’s always worth appreciating how expressive they are as a mechanic. Are they related to everything or just enemies? Or just edges? Do they immediately start picking you up, or can you choose? Are you being physically transported, or are you being teleported there; Or is the thing you’re grappling with moving instead? Is it taut or is it flexing and wrapping around things? What is the exhilarating flavor of perfection that leaves you feeling?

Let’s also celebrate the fact that this wonderful species has a new entrance. Olija’s bayonet wrestles enemies and black claws with orange eyes, and you can move to it with a slash, a simple design that is in the center of this dark atmosphere adventure as a combat tool and a way to traverse its levels, which constantly provides a sense of choice and movement.

Not without issues. The Olija bayonet can be annoying because it requires two separate double entrances, first to throw it, then push it in its direction while pressing the throw button again to instantly jump to it. Press the directionless throw button and it will return, losing its position. In the heat of battle, it’s easy to spam on the button and find yourself fighting without the harpoon, which is your main weapon, or failing to teleport.

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

However, the harpoon made me feel powerful, and besides, Oliga’s fight is not precisely driven. It’s more about navigation: bypass a group of forage enemies to reach a more dangerous one and hit it to fill the combo counter, then get rid of harm’s way. There are some subtle details: You can switch between several secondary weapons, including a double edged sword, a crossbow, and a rifle, which can offer powerful finishing touches. The battle of Olija is direct, heavy, and often a little chaotic when you encounter rooms full of enemies sniping from afar, moving away, or facing your combos.

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