Fearless and United Guards Top free game on google play store

FAU-G mobile game launched in India on 72 Republic Days for Android users only. Interestingly, in just three days, the game managed to collect over five million downloads on the Google Play Store. The company previously confirmed to BGR IndiThis action game for iPhone users will be released on the Apple App Store at a later time. The exact schedule has not been revealed yet. Also read – Tech news today: FAU-G 5 million downloads, Samsung Galaxy M02 launched

So called PUBG MOBILE Rival has also become the best free gaming app on the Google Play Store, which is incredible for a game that was only released a few days ago. FAU-G It is currently rated 3.4 stars on the Play Store with over five million downloads. Also read – PUBG Mobile may not be launched in India again, suggests a new report

It’s worth noting that Bengaluru-based nCore Games has only released the first version of the game, and more updates will be added to the action game in the coming days. The company has previously confirmed to bring in Battle Royale mode, among other things in the coming days. Also read – FAU-G reached 1 million downloads just one day after its launch

5 things about FAU-G you should know

FAU-G is compared to the currently banned PUBG Mobile in India. The popular battle royale game was banned in the country last year in September, along with hundreds of other Chinese apps. Time and time again, nCore Games has confirmed that the action game they launched is not a substitute for PUBG Mobile. With FAU-G, the company wants to present the story first. The first episode revolves around the Wadi Jalwan incident that occurred between the Indian and Chinese armies. Having said that, this is not a battle royale game and it does not provide weapons to kill opponents / Chinese army.

– The game is currently available for Android users on Google Play Store. It should be released to iPhone users on the App Store in the coming days. The schedule has not been disclosed yet. As mentioned, the game has already surpassed five million downloads in the country in 3 days. It is also listed as the best free game on the Play Store.


– FAU-G developed by Indian developers, nCore Games based in Bengaluru is the brainchild of a mobile game. The company undertakes that user data will be stored on servers within the country. In a previous interview with BGR India Vishal Gondal, founder of nCore Games, said the company is focused on keeping user data safe and secure on the servers. In other words, you will not have to worry about your personal information being leaked or hacked.

– The currently released game version is mainly intended for mid-range and high-end phones. Gondal has previously confirmed to BGR India There could be an liter version called FAU-G Lite if users requested it. The literal version of the game will be released for budget smartphone users or beginners.

Interestingly, the mobile game has been released in three languages ​​including English, Hindi and Tamil. Gondal confirmed that the game will be available in more Indian languages ​​in the coming days. A spokesperson for nCore Games said BGR India, “This is a game made in India that has been designed from the ground up for the Indian market. The idea of ​​having multiple languages ​​at launch is to cater to the eclectic and wealthy population that makes up India.” The company confirmed that the game will be released in Telego, Malayalam, Bujpuri, Punjabi and Bengali in the coming days.

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