Cyber ​​Shadow interview with developer Aarne Hunziker

Game development is difficult. Game development up Harder When performed by one person. Cyber ​​ShadowYacht Club Games’ new action platformer is already getting attention so fast we even gave it a 9.5in Our review. To celebrate the game’s release, we were given the opportunity to pose some questions to the game’s developer, Aarne Hunziker. Mr. Hunziker has a lot of experience with gaming over the years, putting in a great deal of effort on pirate ROMs before continuing development on his own. As such, he has a lot to say about the game and what made it.

PCI: What are the biggest challenges Cyber ​​Shadow by yourself? What advice would you like to give to other individual developers?

HunzikerA: Every task needs very careful deliberation to ensure that it is an efficient use of your time, and yet you cannot waste a single minute. Sometimes, getting a task done is faster than constantly wondering if it’s really worth doing. This lack of resources can lead to paralysis, sometimes leading to nothing at all. Having the ability to control any aspect of the game is very powerful. My advice to any soloist is to shoot something very small first.

PCI. You said the game was more inspiring to you Shadow Ninja. How about this game that inspired you so much? What aspects of this game do you feel you have managed to improve?

Hunziker: Shadow Ninja She has a variety of weapons that she uses often for a short time, and which inspires special items in her Cyber ​​Shadow. It’s temporary, but delicate play can put you in long time use. This game also features a gameplay that expands based on how fast you progress forward. When you go slow, you can take each challenge at a steady pace and enjoy the scenery or shatter everything for a more difficult ordeal.

PCI: When you settle for an art style, have you always been on an 8-bit system, or was that something you went back and forth?

HunzikerCyber ​​Shadow was 8-bit from the start and other options weren’t considered. 8-bit game modification was something I did a long time ago and it felt like a fun puzzle instead of working. This focus on enjoying development has extended to other aspects as well. There are some enemies because their style of movement was fun to code or maybe you found fun sound effects that you need a visual design to match.

Cyber ​​Shadow 9

PCI: In terms of design philosophy, what is your ultimate goal in terms of incorporating the aspects of the games that inspired you?

Hunziker: I’ve often been chasing a sentiment rather than a meticulous design for inspiring media. Like a game that may have a certain atmosphere. I tried to get away from using the exact same design, but I looked for other things that might create a similar atmosphere.

PCI: What do you think it will make Cyber ​​Shadow Withstand the test in time for years to come?

Hunziker: The way you turn into a ninja over the course of the game.

PCI: I read that you received advice from the Yacht Club Games? What kinds of modifications or additions were made because of this advice?

Hunziker: From pushing single pixels to retooling the level, the comments were comprehensive. Some levels are made shorter and some are longer. The gradual introduction of enemies and their combination of the level of risk and other enemies, in particular, has received a lot of attention. Trying to teach the player surreptitiously was the focus of a lot of advice I’ve received.

Cyber ​​Shadow 6

PCI: What are your favorite top three 2D action games and why?

Hunziker: Mega Man X2And the Super MetroidAnd the Contra: Solid Corps. These are all very polished and have an excellent variety of levels and skills. What sets them apart is the amount of fun that they return over and over again.

PCI: If you can send timely advice to yourself at the start Cyber ​​ShadowDevelopment, what do you say?

HunzikerRemember to take it easy from time to time and take a break.

PCI: What is the most challenging aspect on Cyber ​​ShadowCreation?

Hunziker:: Preserving the mind during this long period of development. Thinking you are close to the finish line only to realize that this isn’t the case at all is very difficult for you, but keep pushing. Frankly I felt the urge to give up many times, but since I was already so deep into it, that wasn’t an option.

Cyber ​​Shadow 4

PCI: After the game is over, are you the type to run it for fun, or are you likely to put it in the rearview mirror?

HunzikerI start playing the game for a while even when I was only supposed to test a small disc. Especially now that players have found new ways to play faster, I am finding myself experimenting with those new technologies. Honestly, its really crazy how the speed was faster than my best. I will definitely keep coming back to it.

PCI: What part or aspect of the game are you players most excited to try?

Hunziker: The way you evolve from something very simple, just jumping and cutting, to something a lot more advanced where you can clean rooms in a matter of seconds. The more you learn the more advanced the game systems become, which is reflected in the game’s progression.

PCI: For you, what do you think is the most challenging section of the game from a gameplay standpoint?

Hunziker: Definitely the last stretch from the final level, but quickly contestants seem to be doing a really short job … in fact, they do a short job in the entire game. I never imagined that people would stop working at so low times and seem to be getting better yet.

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Hunziker for his time and thoughtful answers to our questions. Cyber ​​Shadow Available for purchase at steam It can also be played via Microsoft Game Pass. Just make sure you are patient.
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