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Fuse, Salvo’s Skeleton Cage Champion, joins the Apex Legends roster in Season 8. This explosives expert has already entered, as his arrival destroys Kings Canyon. Battle royale game The first map.

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy has been a mercenary since he was a boy. Along with his best friend Maggie, the couple often found themselves in high-stress situations while they took on dangerous jobs. Over the years, Maggie and Fuse have treated their precious gold bomb as a lucky charm, handing the bomb to whoever needed it most during tough situations. Fuse’s final stint saw him dominate the competition in the Skeleton Cage Championship, crowning him champion of Salvo.

When Fuse decides to participate in the Apex games and leave Salvo behind, Maggie detonates the grenade in rage, completely destroying Fuse’s arm. When the Fuse reaches Kings Canyon, Maggie sabotages the battleship Salvo, destroying it and much of the map. With all of that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Fuse, The latest Apex Legends character.

Capabilities of APEX LEGENDS Fuse

Salvo’s Abilities champ focuses on his knowledge of explosives and ballistics, so if you love to blow things up, this might be the character for you.

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  • Grenadier is negative fuse capacity. This allows Fuse to stack more grenades per stock slot compared to every other Legend. Fuse can also use his mechanical arm to fire any grenades with greater accuracy, range, and speed compared to a regular throw. This has the potential to be extremely powerful with Arc Stars, as Fuse can quickly fire these sticky bombs directly at his opponents.
  • Knuckle Cluster is Fuse’s tactical ability. This gives him access to a cluster bomb that causes an initial explosion of damage before it splits into smaller concussion mines. To get the most of this ability, try to corner your opponents so that they cannot avoid additional explosions.
  • Motherlode is Fuse’s ultimate ability. Fuse fires a mortar shell into the air using his personal rocket launcher, sending multiple explosives to land on any enemies below. This also causes a wall of flame to remain on the ground for a short period of time. Area of ​​influence abilities are always strong in Apex Legends, and it looks like Fuse might force teams to deal damage if they want to leave his fiery circuit.

You won’t have to wait any longer to get your hands on Fuse as Apex Legends Season 8 It launches on February 2. If you want to spend some time then definitely take a look at our site Apex Legends skins A guide highlighting all the legendary skin in the game.

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