Trials of Fear is available for free on the Epic Games Store

else Not Friday It arrived on Thursday and you know what that means. Yes, the Epic Games Store offers a game again. Today, Dendera: Trials of Fear It goes free in service. 2D Metroid-Like (or Metroidvania if you prefer, but I like my choice and I will stick with it very much) includes Trials of Fear Expansion that It was released last February On the first anniversary of the core game. Now, after nearly a year, you can enjoy the entire package without losing a dime. Next week, EGS Coming For the king Offer available.

Dendera: Trials of Fear Young stars with some hops. Her name is Dandara, of course, and she has the power to tell attraction that she doesn’t care. Run in the world of salt, jump from surface to surface, dodging attacks while looking for the best angle to dispatch enemies. As with most Metroid-Likes Dendera Do you move through rooms and face enemies and environmental hazards alike. Unfortunately I haven’t played it yet, but the gameplay looks graceful and flows well. The plot also includes hints of mystery, set in a world undoubtedly filled with hidden secrets.

As mentioned, the Trials of Fear The expansion was added to the game for free last year. Includes bonus content of course, such as new must-visit regions, more powers and new ability for Dandara, more tracks, and a hidden ending. DLC itself offers a lot for free, and today you get it Dendera And the Trials of Fear Same price together. Sounds like a good deal to me.

For salt to the king

Next week to your free games watch list is For the king, Which will be introduced on the Epic Games Store on February 4. For the king It is a role-based fighting game steeped in strategy. It’s also a roguelike game that includes online co-op, so that you and a friend can work together and fight together and then argue over who is to blame after an humiliating loss.

Such as Dendera: Trials of Fear, This version will include For The King All Expansion content. According to his EGS page, this covers “The Walk To Walk, Frozen Stretch Adventure, Gold Rush Un-Cooperative Mode, Into The Deep and more.” It appears to be a solid package overall, but you have to wait a week for it to be available for download.

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