Hearthstone in 2021

Hearthstone in 2021

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Remember when Hearthstone just didn’t have enough things to do? These days, it’s likely to overwhelm the choice. The past year has been crazy – and sometimes bumpy – for players of the popular card game, although it’s more accurate at this point to call it a card platform. Blizzard’s foray into the auto-combat genre is still incredibly successful, so much so that at this point there is a strong case for saying Battlegrounds is Hearthstone’s main mode.

What happens in other popular games?

But last year wasn’t just BGs. After a major restructuring of its leadership two years ago, Team 5 embarked on an extensive program to add major new features. New class! New classified system! New mode! A new system for progress and achievement! How did the team keep up with all of this without missing a thing?

The answer is that some of the beats were definitely missing. 2020 was the year Hearthstone hit puberty. Demon Hunter has come Unbelievably Hot in terms of settings, and requires more Enerves Of what most of the original factions experienced in their lives, and received a renewed reward path Complete pitchfork treatment Once players realize that they earn less gold in the game. You can’t grow without the pains of growing, and the constant additions have led to some embarrassing bugs and unintended mistakes along the way.

Hearthstone’s new rewards track has sparked the biggest wave of community outrage since Blitzchung disaster. (Image credit: Blizzard)

So how is Hearthstone now?

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